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Lady Gaga Alejandro Video's Heavy Fascist Vibe (watch!)

Gaga-AlejandroLady Gaga’s latest video for her song Alejandro looks like a nightmarish ode to Fascism, although that’s not exactly how she explains it. She calls it “a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community.”

But the eight-minute, 43-second shoot, directed by Steven Klein, features Gaga in religious garb or mostly in black leather — or various states of undress — with her hair pulled back in a tight, bureaucratic bun, evoking images of Nazi prison guards, or Kate Winslet in “The Reader.”

The fetish fantasy could be set in Franco’s authoritarian Spain, Peronista Argentina, Pinochet’s Chile or nearly any other South American dictatorship, except of course, for the continent’s dictator du jour, Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. He’s a lefty.

There’s no mistaking the military theme. Men in uniforms dance in unison in jack boots reminiscent of Franco’s storm troopers, which he patterned after Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht.

Franco allied with the Nazi’s in the Spanish Civil War, defeated the Popular Front and established his brutal regime, which persisted until his death in 1975.

Gays, dissidents and Jews were widely persecuted during his harsh rule.

Gaga also borrows heavily from Madonna with her use of religious imagery, mainly Catholic, but that’s also consistent with Franco’s devotion to nationalism, Catholicism, anti-communism, anti-masonry and traditional values.

Gaga wears a black lace veil and dress and appears in mourning, reminiscent of Eva Peron, who Madonna played in “Evita.”

The video shot mainly in black and white, is fueled with sex, bdsm, and religion, including crucifixes, man-on-man action and swallowed rosary beads. It ends with Gaga dressed in a scarlet nun’s habit.

Check it out here:

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  • sammy

    I just saw the clip and although i love the song i was left perplex about the clip. It doesn’t convey at all the message she say she wants to convey, quite rather the contrary. It looks more like the apology of a modern gay friendly version of fascism/francism together with a lot of catholic/medieval symbolism. The combination is rather repulsive I must say! I think she completely missed the purpose with this clip and if the above impression was her purpose then she is a sad sad girl who has lost the plot completely!

  • Mick Russom

    Stefani Germanotta (Gaga) is a youth corrupting pig woman. She is a foul diseased piece of human garbage. She will one day be penniless and strung out on drugs because this vile corrupter or youth is a twisted piece of human garbage.

    Germanotta, You are a disgusting pervert and every parent hates your and your trash. Germanotta, You are one of the most hated performers amongst parents, your message and politics are disgusting and wrong and we have to fight scum like off our kids while you think its a joke to pervert young minds and you have the nerve to do this form money you pig! Germanotta, You are a cancer and a pig! Germanotta, You make money spreading misery to parents everywhere with your foul disgusting no talent crap. Die in a fire – please, OD on something. Germanotta, You are a freak, making tons of money does not mean you are not a freak, and it does not mean most honest law abiding tax paying people don’t have your guts for trying to destroy our children with your toxic slime..

  • Mads Frandsen

    Alone that fact that this article says “The video shot mainly in black and white” shows the lack of understanding for video music reviews. Have they even seen the video. There’s only one scene i black and white ….

  • Joey

    What a sad world it is where a person only crime is to want to love the person they choose to love is vilified and persecuted for it.

    I see the carrying of the coffin as highlighting the casulties that have been visited onto the gay community as some of them have been persecuted even onto death.

  • Joey

    I think maybe the video is showed as a metaphor for the gay persons world. Perhaps a world of strength and beauty but always where one must be dressed for battle and prepared for the unending attacks which always seem to come from many quarters.

    Maybe when Gaga is dressed in religious garb she is representing the church which says to love and do good and perhaps some in the church community do have some sympathy to the plight and discremenation against the gays but never the less the church as a whole turns a blind eye to their persecution and to many times has worked to further fuel it.

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  • Although the video is easy on the eyes, I am not sure I understand Gaga’s vision anymore.

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