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Tiger Woods 'Mistress' Rachel Uchitel Flees NYC (Photos, Video)

rachel3Rachel Uchitel, the sometime club hostess, and well-known Hamptons party girl who is alleged to have had an affair with golfer Tiger Woods that led to his late night car crash, has fled her Meat Packing District home. She was caught by reporters leaving for JFK Airport Sunday morning.

Rachel Uchitel leaves her Manhattan apartment.

Rachel Uchitel leaves her Manhattan apartment.

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Uchitel emerged from her Meatpacking District pad at 5:45 a.m. to walk her two dogs before hopping in a black car bound for the airport. She had a large duffel bag in tow, according to the NY Daily News.

“You know I would love to speak to you, but you know that I can’t,” Uchitel said when approached by a Daily News reporter. “I really wish that I could say something, I really wish I could.”

Uchitel has reportedly hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and some reports say she is considering suing The National Enquirer for reporting the alleged affair. Uchitel boarded a flight for Los Angeles.

Uchitel has a reputation for pursuing celebrities and has bragged about dating a pro baseball player and a Broadway star. Most recently Uchitel was linked with married television actor David Boreanaz, who stars in the Fox hit show “Bones.”

The National Enquirer reported that the actor was seeing Uchitel, even while wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant. She gave birth to daughter Bardot six weeks ago. Uchitel reportedly ended the relationship two weeks later.

The Enquirer put Uchitel at the center of the supposed scandal that sent Tiger Woods – and his marriage – careening into the rough in an early Friday morning car crash.

Whether in fact Uchitel, 34, had a relationship with the all-time golfing great seems highly questionable. But the tabloid Enquirer and its sister publication The Star have both reported that the two hooked up on several occasions while Swedish model wife Elin Nordegren was home minding the Woods’ two kids.

The Enquirer said it had multiple sources and polygraph tests to back up its reporting and has further details to release.

For her part, Uchitel denied having an affair. She told BlackBook magazine that the Enquirer twisted her words and used quotes from Ashley Samson, a woman who claimed to be her friend, to confirm the rumors.

“Rachel told me, ‘I’m having an affair with Tiger Woods. We’re in love!’ She even read me text messages Tiger sent her that said ‘I love you, babe. It’s always going to be just you and me. They were constantly sexting,” Samson was quoted as saying.

But Rachel denied the assertions. “I totally deny the Enquirer story. They did contact me about it, but they didn’t use any of my quotes or any of the information I gave them. They make it sound like I said those things, but it’s all other people saying I said things.”

“I don’t appreciate my name or what people think of me being dragged through the mud by people who don’t even bother to research what or who they’re talking about … they should research who these stories are coming from, who they’re believing as a credible source. Not to mention that it’s in the National Enquirer,” she said.

As for Sampson, Uchitel said: “We’re not friends. I’m just speculating but it seems like someone else is telling her what to say or manipulating her. After all, she got $25,000 for this.”


Uchitel has been described as a “bombshell” in previous reports about her club activities and was quoted at length in a story about Griffin, a Manhattan club where she worked for a time as a VIP hostess.

“I’ve worked for some of the best in the business at some of the best places between New York and Las Vegas,” she said about her experience on the club scene.

Uchitel said she worked at Hamptons watering hole Pink Elephant over the summer as a VIP hostess, according to her Facebook page.

As a hostess, she said she’s entertained such celebrities as Sting, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Mickey Rourke, Nas, and lots of socialites and famous models, “like Rachel Zoe and Yigal Azourel.”

While Uchitel has denied seeing Woods, she was in Australia at the same time and staying at the same hotel as Woods, while he won the Australian Masters in his first appearance in the country since 1998.

Rachel UchitelRachel Uchitel

According to the latest update, a recording of the 911 call in the moments after the crash provided no new information. A neighbor called to report the crash and ask for an ambulance — but didn’t mention Woods’ name. “[He’s] laying on the ground now,” the neighbor said. When asked if the driver appeared to be unconscious, the neighbor replied “yes.”

Woods was reportedly fleeing his angry wife after a blow up at their Florida mansion over the tabloid reports. He sped out of the driveway at 2:25 a.m. and hit a fire hydrant and drove into a tree, less than 50 feet down the road in front of a neighbor’s house.

Celebrity Web site reported that a source said Nordegren scratched Woods’ face after she went berserk and chased him with a golf club, striking his vehicle as he ran from the home. The Web site said the source talked to Woods after the smashup.

Nordegren reportedly told police she ran outside and discovered her husband bleeding from the mouth, with cuts on his lips, police said. She said she bashed out the rear window with the club and helped Woods out of the car.

Police arrived to find Woods, drifting in and out of consciousness, lying in the street with his wife watching over him. He was taken to a nearby hospital about 10 minutes later.

For the third time, Woods declined to speak with police today, but did publish a statement on his web site.

  • Cheche

    You go Tiger!

  • Keith

    Jeez…the man is not a saint, no more than Michael Jordan was. Yes, he probably dipped his club in more than one new hole on a course not his own. His wife is probably a bit crazy to have gone after his car with a club. He is probably trying to keep things from getting worse at home by not calling his wife a freaking nut case. Why do all the attractive women have to be either bipolar (Angelina) or just plain nuts. I’ve had more than my share of “troubled” ex’s and girl friends. Tiger is probably ready to take matters into his own hands from now on. It is cheaper, devoid of emotional baggage and you don’t have to cuddle or hold your hand afterwards to keep it from feeling used…

  • A.L.

    Oh well…The Tiger was ‘thinking’ with his other head, I guess it was mating season.

    Hey Tiger, you can buy one of my BILLION DOLLAR Gold coins and pay your wife off in full and still have some coin left, better yet, buy two of them [only $10] because chances are, you will find another hot lady to get you ‘thinking’ again [or she’ll find you…they always do].

    Good luck Tiger, you are still the Greatest!

  • Average man

    Elin Nordegren is such an idiot! She has just been handed half a Billion Dollars no strings attached! Not to mention at least 40k a month for child support. Instead she jepordizes things by swinging a club. She also has the option of just sucking it up and taking sloppy seconds, or 4ths or fifths as all his exploites come out of the wood work. In some relationships a guy can come home from after a month away with a tab of crack i his pocket and get a thorough BJ out of it. This F’er comes home with a few million in his pocket and gets a club to the face! what an ungreatful Bi*ch

  • Black_I_Be

    I just looked up “Rachel Uchitel” in the dictionary:

    “Fake lips, fake boobs, fugly face and a well-worn hole.”

    Tigga! Tigga! Tigga!

  • gurn blanston

    hubba hubba.

    i hope she drifts into the celebrity sex-tape business.

  • Jeff

    Wow, Tiger’s learned the hard way that Hell hath no fury like a Swedish hottie scorned. Trade up for Rachel? Not a chance…that tart has been passed around more times than a bowl of chips at a Superbowl party

  • LAS

    Tiger, what the hell are you thinking????? YOU’RE NOT!!!!! The action of your ‘buds’ Michael Jordon, Barklay, Coby and the likes should have been proof that you can’t live life in a double standard. Get a grip….you have a beautiful wife and two small children!!!!!

  • cid

    notice the above comments are all girls,go tiger,what do you expect from a TIGER

  • George

    You just never know how someone like Tiger, who can have the world and everything in it, would do something so stupid. And with this “bimbo” who seeks out the famous for her own gratification. If it is that bad Tiger, go to the bathroom. It would be all over in a few minutes. Dumb, dumb and dumb.

  • Fisher

    This chick does look like a dude with a wig. What the hell is Tiger thinking!? His wife is smokin’ hot, and he’s chasing after this trash?

    Just goes to show that money doesn’t buy taste.

  • Papa McCain

    Looking at Tiger’s beautiful wife and the beautiful Rachel, all I can say is “Yeah Tiger! Way to go dude!” Come on, really guys, you’re thousands of miles from home and a babe like Rachel offers herself, you gonna say, ‘no thanks I’ll go back to my room and yank it’? He’s fairly good looking, he’s filthy friggin rich, he’s world famous, you know he’s getting hit on everywhere he goes. I’m not saying infidelity is okay, but face it guys after a while the temptation is going to get to you. Look at the lips on Rachel, they’d make just about anybody’s putter stiff.

    A comment to Sally below, what kind of dudes do you hang out with? Did you not see that bikini top picture? It’s sad when jealousy rears its ugly head.

  • yogi

    What a whole ass the person with the camera is. He’s doing everything he can to get a rise out of Rachel following her from her car to the door front to the airport harassing her. It’s like he’s daring her to swing out and clobber him so he can sue her. There ought to be a law against such vermin!

  • Robert

    A man gets “lonely” on the road……….. go off for 2 weeks…earn 5 or 6 million come back home and you wife is pissed at you and attacks you with a two iron !!?? Hope it was a NIKE , so he gets the endorsement !!

  • Ezberry

    whether or not affair took place, those lines dont come from a girl like Uchitel, I know NY socialites, they are too shallow and hardened by being F*cked so much to ever utter such “sexting” lines said by Sampson.

  • Average man

    I think Rachel’s a trade up! I don’t blame him. The wife probably still has a pouch from the last rug rat she birthed. Its Elin’s fault. Maybe if she tried harder, or apologised for her short comings this would not have happened to her. Do you think she used a Nike club on Tigers face?
    The Man is a billionaire, and he has to pass Rachel up? He has earned the right! He has hit that little white ball in the tiny hole from way out there so many times! let the man have his fun! Instead of driving away erratically he should have called his bodyguard to hold his wife down while he packed her stuff!

  • Jake

    She’s hot! Too bad he got caught!!

  • Sara

    Tiger Woods succumbed to the same thing that brought down O.J., Koby, and many big name black sports celebrities. James Brown also was victimized. They shudda married a Black Woman instead.

  • Scott

    I think she needs another collagen in the lips. I can still see her face.

  • Max

    Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, big sigh…..
    This cant be the first time an amorous fan has made themself available to you….
    I’d bet half your estate your ‘people’ had briefed you on how to protect your image.
    Now what?

  • TBD

    Oh well, fame and fortune has it’s benefits and temptations. Tigers the BEST pro golfer of our time and will go down in history as one, like so many pros. He’s not a saint and never claimed to be as well.

  • Allison

    I’m happy Tiger met a pretty girl which he deserve better & compatible with him.I found Rachel is sexy & attractive! i don think his wife should angry with him coz she does not compatible with Tiger Wood at all!

  • Sally

    she looks like a dude….. And really, who would be up at 230am if the wife did not think he was cheating. Whatever is done in the dark will come to light.

  • This article about Rachel Uchtiel the brazen fame-whore is too funny.

    Have to agree anyone who manages to use 9/11 as a promotional tool to launch themselves onto the celeb circuit deserves some credit.

  • Ivette

    tiger is a shallow fake, amen
    he’s demonstrated he’s plainly stupid
    give up what you got for trash

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