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Cat Fight! Omarosa Trashes NY Housewife Bethenny Frankel

New York housewife Bethenny Frankel has a new frienemy, crazy Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. She claims Bethenny’s husband Jason Hoppy is gay and that Bethenny cheated with a tummy tuck to lose her baby weight in three weeks. Meeeeeow!

Omarosa, 36, who is best known for her reality television villainess roles, took a swipe at Bethenny after Frankel dismissed comparisons between the two during an interview on ABC’s “The View” June 10.

Bethenny dismissed a comparision with Omarosa, by seemingly dissing her. She said she actually had carved a “real career” out of her reality tv notoriety, with her diet books and such, while Omarosa is only known for being a tv villain.

That’s when Omarosa let the cat out of the bag about Bethenny, outing her alleged C-section tummy tuck and husband, Jason’s
alleged sexuality. Although how she would know is a mystery.

Bethenny, however, did seem to perform a medical miracle by losing 29 pounds in three weeks after giving birth to premature 4-lb, 12-oz baby Bryn on May 8.

While critics had speculated that Frankel, 39, had dieted while pregnant, she insisted that much of the 35 pregnancy pounds she had gained was water weight.

“When[Bethenny] got a tummy tuck with her c-section after the baby and pretended that she just LOST the baby weight NATURALLY – none of us said anything because she was happy,” Omarosa told Perez Hilton June 10.

“But now that she is hurling insults at EVERYONE, including her Real House Wives cast mates and people like me who have always had her back- the gloves are off,” she said.

Omarosa, who became famous as a villain on the reality show “The Apprentice,” called Bethenny’s comments on “The View” unprovoked and uncalled for.

“Today she tried to act like her show was superior to my new show and her book was superior to my book or her career was superior, I was surprised that she went there with me!!

“She got her start or the Apprentice just like me. She is on a NBC show just like I was. She is making a living in the world of reality tv just like me,” Omarosa said.

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  • Abby

    I don’t know how anyone can compare Omarosa to Bethenny! OMG…too funny. She’s only envious of Bethenny’s successes and happiness. jmo

  • Trish

    I was back in my skinny jeans 10 days after having my first child. No crash diet….nothing. I ate healthy because I was breast feeding and I seriously believe that a lot of it was because of genetics. Still carrying 10+ around though after the birth of second son.

  • Kathy

    I really do not appreciate everyone trashing Omarosa. Bethenny di not have to make negative comments about her. I thin Omarosa is beautiful, educated and a lot of people are imtimidated by her. After all Donald Trunp wanted her to star in her own show. Omarosa could never be jealous of Bethanny. I think Bethenny did diet that is why her bay was small and premature. So selfish!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rae

    While I am Team Bethenny 100% always think she is great. And all these comment on you can not lose that weight in that time is NOT true,my sister along with many others all over the net saying being healthy eating right and exercising is correct.And good genes! My sister got my Grams and she lost it the day her kids popped out! I unfortunately got my Mothers and didn’t go that way for me. jealous oh yeah as all the haters are here of her. But I am happy for her! Now Omarosa who?? Heard nothing of her since her pathetic display on the my career has ended show..”The Surreal Life” So while in her hey day..would have been a formattable partner to go against Bethenny. Sadly for Omarosa… Bethenny…would eat her alive! And saw the View that day and saw this coming! Omarosa is making a jerk out of herself saying things she would have no knowledge or proof of!
    That is called slander lady! Bethenny stated her opinion! BIG Difference! And Perez has been after Bethenny for so long now..the termite he is..makes me sick he even entertained this story! Shame Perez trouble maker who never gets stories right anyway! (remember Jaclyn Smith) enough said..

  • rj

    O is sad and needs to grab headlines anyway she can….

  • Bronze Beau

    Omarosa is such an ugly hateful female, trying desperately to remain relevant. Bethenny IS more successful, relevant and newsworthy than this angry woman. No wonder her husband divorced her ass!!! The scariest thing is this bitch claims to be a Christian and is studying theology? Get the f#ck outta here!!! God don’t like ugly – that means YOU! Go back under the rock you crawled out of.

  • Tomeka

    What part about Omarosa is the lie? I’m a little confused and so what if Bethanny got a tummy tuck, she looks good. Omarosa you just need to grow up or shut up and stick to what you know how to do, talk stupidly..

  • Serious?

    Dear Marge-

    You seem to be as misinformed as Omarosa; it is 2010 and more of a rare thing for couples to actually end up getting married when they find out they are pregnant vs. the man walking away or just staying together as an unmarried couple.

    Also, how do you suppose Bethenny made herself give birth a month early? She has always been a proponent of healthy living. Just because a women isn’t afraid to speak her feelings and has a company based on being healthy and thin does not mean she would put the health of her baby at risk.

    I tend to think that when someone feels the need to spew a lot of negative, ignorant comments towards someone else, it is simply to make themselves feel better due to a lack of self-esteem.

    Whenever I read the negative comments on a story (most of which make absolutly no sense and are completely outlandish), I wish the people who make them would take all that energy and put it to good vs. wasting it on all of this b.s.

  • hadatummytuck

    Bethenny, that Omarosa chick dosen’t know what the hell she’s talking about. I had a tummy tuck and let me tell you I did not heal and was not able to stand straight up for month. That is most painfull medical procedure I have ever been through. I really think she’s just jealous. Omarosa? Who? And other thing, we all have at least one skinny friend that has a baby and her boby bounces back the next day. It’s not like it’s unheard of. Chalk it up to The Green Eyed Monster!!!

  • heidi

    Not sure why so many people seem to be concerned about bethany losing the weight?? Its all genetic. I had twins and had no stomach after giving birth to (2) 6 pd. babies. People were amazed by it, but every woman carrys babies differently, and bodies are different. So get real people, find some more serious issues to talk about like the OIL spill!!

  • GYW

    I was in my pre-pregnancy jeans 2 weeks after giving birth to by 2 children, and mine were full term pregnancies. She had a primie, guys, and I don’t believe a doctor will risk the life of a baby so the mom, can avoid a couple of pounds… not that early. Find something else to complain about. Bethany you are awesome!!

  • star

    i think bethenny is a bitch and a drama queen and needs to get help star

  • beth

    I lost 30 lbs in 30 days after my first child was born and I did not have surgery, diet or do anything. And I wasn’t in the good shape that Bethenny was. It is possible. Omaroooooossa is so “yesterday” and needs to go back into the cave she crawled out of.

  • Paula

    Not sure why “O” was so upset; it is the truth. What has she done since she was on The Apprentice that has true substance or is of any value?

  • Eye Roll

    Would someone please tell drag queen look-alike Omarosa that her 15 minutes were up a long time ago!!!

  • Marge

    People that think Bethenny lost 35 pounds in less than a week need to seek prof. help – because they are delusional and supporting child abuse.

  • Marge

    At least O did not have to trap a guy with a baby than scarf and barf the entire pregnancy. The baby 1 month early under 5 pounds gets the last word ! Thats child abuse thats not funny !Bethnenny is a jerk that would coke and choke it just to sell books to stupids that think she did it the healthy way – no one wins esp the baby.

  • Amy

    I love Bethany, I think she is great and she so tells it like it is. She has a great sensive of humor about these things too. So who really cares if someone got plastic surgery or not, and if she did she doesn’t have to tell anyone that she did if she doesn’t want too. It’s no ones business but hers. Omarosa is and aways was a bitch. She looks like a Dude! Did you get plastic sugery for that???

  • PLease!

    This is so dumb who cares what she said about you rise above it trying to hurt her back is what is wrong with half the people in this would can’t seem to rise above and move on always have to add more drama. Anyways Just so ya know just cause she lost all her baby weight fast doesn’t mean anything lots of woman are just like that. I had a lady i knew she had 5 kids and every time she had one baby you could almost never tell.

  • Really?

    Omatrocious is a has been who never was….

  • tobey

    Bethenny is much, much better than that old sloppy O…? I don’t even remember her full name. She is just doing her old tricks again. I hope she learns something new someday, don’t you? Bethenny has talent, she actually can act, cook, write and has a wonderful husband who supports her. I think O is just jealous, once again. Get some skills O and perhaps you’ll be popular again.

  • Nancy

    I always lost all my baby weight in the three days I was in the hospital. It is a combination of water weight, breast feeding (which burns tons of calories) and good genes. OB/GYNs do not do tummy tucks nor would it be allowed immediately after giving birth. People are so ignorant.

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