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Katy Perry Simulates Sex Act During IHeartRadio Fest (video)

Gets Overtly Sexual During Stage Performance

Katy Perry spent a little too much time on her knees during her set at the IHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Katy Perry spent a little too much time on her knees during her set at the IHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Katy Perry spent a little too much time on her knees at the IHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. During the opening number of her set, “I Kissed a Girl,” she went down and appeared to simulate a sex act on stage.

Perry, 28, isn’t known for overtly sexualized performances, but she said in a recent interview her music is taking a more mature turn with her new album.

Katy Perry Kisses Bubble-Gum Queen Goodbye (photos!)

“You kind of let go of childish things and accept the wisdom that comes with age,” she explained to the Canadian edition of Elle magazine. “That’s exactly where I am now.”

Perry has released two songs, “Dark Horse,” and “Roar,” off her new album, Prism. She performed both, but got a little nasty during a song that she released in 2008 on her second studio album One of the Boys.

Katy Perry Goes Down at IHeart Fest

Perry was about six minutes into her performance when she took off her jacket and revealed that she was wearing a short, leather, bra-top that flashed her undulating midriff and ample cleavage.

Katy Perry Tight, Toned Singing ‘Roar’ on MTV VMAs (watch!)

Katy move aggressively across the stage singing. When the song’s guitar solo kicked in, she fell to her knees and slid on the floor. Her face came to a stop inches from her guitarist’s crotch.

She began swaying back and forth. Someone in the control booth caught it and cut away for a moment to a crowd scene.

When the camera cut back, however she was still on her knees going at it, moving her head back and forth in a gesture that could have been interpreted as performing oral sex. Then, she pushed herself away and began singing again.

Katy Perry Becomes the Beast in New Song, Dark Horse (listen)

A number of pop singers are ramping up their sexuality. Miley Cyrus caused a storm of Internet chatter after her racy MTV Video Music Awards performance. Singers like Rihanna have been hyper-sexualized from the beginning.

But Perry’s act is a clear departure from her previous cherries and whipped cream breasts image.

Check out the photos and video below; the scene occurs about six minutes into her set. Let us know your thoughts. and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Katy Perry updates.

  • starcrossed

    Wowzie….wow.. Never knew Katy had it in her. Then again, she was married to Russell Brand… soooooo..

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