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Jada Pinkett-Smith Short Dress Stuns Letterman (video)

Jada Pinkett-Smiths arrives for Letterman interview.Jada Pinkett-Smith now has two movie stars to contend with, husband Will Smith, of course, and now son Jaden, 11, who scored a No. 1 box office hit as the lead in a remake of the “Karate Kid.” She vagazzled David Letterman in a short, short dress.

The 37-year-old admitted she was risking her modesty in her outfit.

(Ed’s Note: Click photo to see it full size)

“I have to be a little careful with this dress David, to make sure there are no flaps that reveal where The Karate Kid originated from,’ she said.

Curmudgeonly Dave, 63, could hardly avert his eyes as Jada strutted onto the set. We know now that Dave is a sex dog.

But talk quickly turned to her family and Jaden’s movie.

“‘When the film actually opened he left and went camping with his friends,” she said.

‘When he came back from camping on Sunday he actually went to see ‘The A-Team.’ He called me and said: ‘Mom, you have to make sure you see The A-Team’.”

Husband Will, who set up the film for his son, traveled to China weekly to overses filming.

“He had a good time but it was probably the most difficult project that any of us have ever done,” she said.

She admits there were times she had to put her foot down.

“People were very upset with me because Mommy shut the set down,” she laughed.

“I said: ‘He’s not going to work today, he’s not going to rehearse, he’s not going to train.”

Momma knows best. Check out the video:

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