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Cee Lo Green Charged in Drug-Sex Case; $30,000 Bail Set

Sexual Assault Charge Dropped for Lack of Evidence

ceelogreen lawyers front Cee Lo Green Charged in Drug Sex Case; $30,000 Bail Set

Cee Lo Green’s lawyer Blair Berk leans in to discuss charges against him in his drug-sex case in Los Angeles. (Photo by Mel Melcon – Pool/Getty Images)

Cee Lo Green, the Hip Hop singer and coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” appeared in court this afternoon in Los Angeles to face arraignment on a felony charge of dosing a woman with the drug ecstasy and having sex with her against her will.

Green, 39, real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, appeared with his lawyers Thomas P. O’Brien and Blair Berk to face charges.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on $30,000 bail. He must return to court, Nov 20, for a preliminary hearing. Prosecutors dropped a second more serious charge of sexual assault, claiming insufficient evidence.

The a 33-year-old woman was dining with Green in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in July 2012 when she claims he slipped her the drug, popularized by Miley Cyrus in her song “We Can’t Stop.” It”s also known by the street name “Molly.”

Cee Lo Green Pleads Not Guilty in Drug-Sex Case

ceelogreen lawyers03 95x95 Cee Lo Green Charged in Drug Sex Case; $30,000 Bail Set ceelogreenlawyers02 95x95 Cee Lo Green Charged in Drug Sex Case; $30,000 Bail Set ceelogreen lawyers01 95x95 Cee Lo Green Charged in Drug Sex Case; $30,000 Bail Set

The woman said she woke up naked the next day in bed with him and couldn’t remember how she got there. The woman, who has not been named, recorded Green making reference to the incident in a later conversation, a law enforcement source told the New York Daily News.

The felony sex charged failed on two grounds. The evidence was “insufficient” to prove victim’s intoxication deprived her of the capacity to give consent,” according to court documents.

“Second, there is insufficient evidence to prove that the defendant knew or should have known that the victim lacked the capacity to have sex with him as required by law,” court documents stated.

Green has consistently denied the charges. He could face up to four years in prison if he is convicted. Follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest developments in the case.

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