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Eminem Revs Up Two Songs on SNL; Was He Lip-Syncing? (watch!)

Promoting New Album 'Marshall Mathers LP 2'

eminem snl front Eminem Revs Up Two Songs on SNL; Was He Lip Syncing? (watch!)

Eminem sang two songs during his appearance as musical guest on Saturday Night Live and was painfully lip-syncing.

Eminem, revved his career back up last night with an appearance as musical guest on “Saturday Night Live.” He sang two songs off his upcoming album Marshall Mathers LP 2 and immediately sparked criticism that he lip-synced both.

It was his sixth visit on the late-night comedy sketch show and you’d think by now he should know better.

Singers from Ashley Simpson to Britney Spears have gotten heat for it, but Em, aka Marshall Mathers, always seems to skate.

Yet using a backing track for live performances has been the rule rather than the exception for Mathers, and “SNL” was no exception. Chalk it up to his nerves.

The only problem was it was so noticeable especially on “Berzerk.”

Eminem hooked up with Skylar Grey to perform “Survival.”

Check out the songs below, let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on twitter for the latest music news. The album will be available Nov. 5.

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