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Did Duck Dynasty Star Statutorily Rape Wife, Spur Shotgun Wedding?

Phil and Kay Robertson started dating when she was 14 and he was 18.  They married two years later.

Phil and Kay Robertson started dating when she was 14 and he was 18. They married two years later.

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson advises men to marry a girl no older than 15 or 16, but it would be illegal without parental consent in most states and punishable by fines or imprisonment–unless it’s a shotgun wedding.

Robertson started dating his wife Marsha “Kay” Carroway, when she was 14-years-old and he was 18, a relationship that could have amounted to statutory rape if they were having premarital sex.

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Age difference is a key determinant in criminal charges in most states. In Louisiana under current law, a man faces possible criminal prosecution if the age difference is more than three years involving girls under the age of 15, and two years under the age of 17, according to legal references.

The Robertsons married in 1966, the same year their eldest son, Alan Robertson, who is 47, was born. A search online did not turn up a birth date for Alan or a marriage date for the Robertsons, and A&E did not return phone calls.

Kay was only 15 when she got married, according to The National Enquirer, although A&E bios say she was 16.

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In the book, “Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander,” Phil also said Kay was 15 when they married, but he claimed he was only 16, and that’s clearly a fabrication.

The possibility exists that Kay was pregnant before she married Phil, who was in college at the time.

A&E’s bios of the stars sugarcoat their romance, stating that they started dating as “high school sweethearts.”

The age of consent for consensual sex is greater than 16 in 21 states, including Robertson’s home state of Louisiana, where it is 17, according to a survey of state laws by TheImproper.

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And, in nearly all cases the age of consent to get married is 18, barring parental consent or in cases of pregnancy. In some states, like Nebraska the age is even higher.

In Robertson’s home state, if either party to the marriage is between the ages of 16 and 18, both parents must sign off on the union. Under the age of 16, a court order is required to obtain a marriage license, according to legal references.

A newly surfaced 2009 video of a speech by Robertson has stirred up the latest controversy.

In it, he says: “Look, you wait ’til they get to be 20 years old, the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket. You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They’ll pick your ducks,” he said in a newly surfaced video.

He also adds to “check with Mom and Dad about that, of course.”

  • ReadLearnThink

    I believe Kay had Alan out of wedlock, and I seriously doubt that Phil and Kay are legally married to this day. She never had a wedding ring until a year or so ago.

  • Big Bob

    A review of North Caddo and Ruston high yearbooks shows Kay one year behind Phil. I think the Wiki entry is incorrect. It appears a year was taken off by both of them, probably to have the baby. Kay was 17 when she birthed.

    Of course this doesn’t clear up whether a judge signed off on the marriage when she was 15.

  • Nick Matthews

    Kay was born in 1947.. married in 1964 and gave birth in 1965.. which lines up with all statements of her getting married at 16.. having her son one year later.. being married eight years and having her third son at 24… and a tweet from her daughter in-law during her 65th birthday in 2012… and celebrating their 49th anniversary in 2013.. all life events point to her being one year younger than Phil and the same site that Wikipedia cites for Alan’s birthday also lists Kay’s birthday as 66 years old..

    • Big Bob

      According to all sources and statements from the family you are incorrect. Kay was born on dec 21 1960. I’m not surprised a daughter in law has the date wrong since the family is trying to hide how old she was when they started dating and she got pregnant.

      • Nick Matthews

        All sources and statements from the family line up with a birthday of December 21 1947… in Phil’s book he stated he started dating Kay when her father died.. her father died in 1962… they celebrated their 49th anniversary last year which is consistent with a marriage year of 1964.. all statements of age from the family always state Kay’s age as being one year younger than Phil…..

        • ReadLearnThink

          They originally made those statements, but of course they are LIARS. They have now come clean about it, since they knew it was going to come out any way. Phil was guilty of statutory rape since Kay was only 15 when she became pregnant, and that is what they had originally hoped to hide from the family and from the public. He was 19 and in college when she got pregnant at the age of 15.

      • Nick Matthews

        Can you find one statement made by any family member stating Kay’s age as being four years under Phil? Or even three?

        • ReadLearnThink

          They LIED about it because they knew that Phil was actually GUILTY of statutory rape, since Kay was only 15 when she got married, and she was pregnant (as she has now admitted). Of course the statute of limitations is up, but they still originally lied about it — and probably lied about it to family also. They told SO many lies, but now that they are famous, it is all coming out — and they will have to own up to it. Birth certificates and marriage certificates are all public record, and honestly, I truly wonder whether they are even legally married, since someone would have had to sign for Kay, but she probably lied about her age back then when you could get away with it. Did they even get married at all????? You wonder. She had no wedding ring until a year or so ago.

    • ReadLearnThink

      NOPE, that is incorrect, and she has now come out and said that she was pregnant when she got married. When the show first started they lied about all of that. She was 14 and Phil was 18 when they first started dating they all say NOW. They had probably hidden it from the family, but since they became famous, it all started coming out, so they fessed up.

    • ReadLearnThink

      No. That is incorrect. She was born in 1950.

  • Big Bob

    Kay wasn’t 15 in 1965 until late December. She was 14 when she birthed Alan and depending on what month that was she might have been 13 when big Phil slipped her the salami. And there’s no knowing how long they “dated”before that.

    • ReadLearnThink

      Yes, that’s right — I had forgotten that, but that is the conclusion I came to a few months ago also.

    • ReadLearnThink

      Yes, Alan will not reveal his date of birth, from what I understand. LOL.

  • dwainwr123

    Marshal Alan Robertson was born in 1965 (per Wikipedia) and is currently 48 years old (per Intelius and US Search). Kay became pregnant when she was 14 and Phil was 18, and they were not married yet. While sexual relations between an unmarried 14 year old and 18 year old are illegal under current Louisiana law, things may have been different in 1965. The big taboo in Louisiana back then wasn’t underage sex, but interracial sex.

    • Big Bob

      The age of consent law in LA was 18 and it was reduced to 17 but I don’t know when. There is a “Romeo and Juliet” provision, a girl of 16 can consent if the perp is only 3 years older and 2 years at 15. Makes no difference, Big Phil was 4 years and 8 months older then Kay.

      Statutory rape. I’m wondering what judge approved a marriage of a man who was 20-21 to a girl of 15. But then again, it IS Louisiana…

      • ReadLearnThink

        age of consent then was 16 in La. Phil is a statutory rapist. lol. Thumping that Bible and preaching to us.

    • ReadLearnThink

      Oh yes, it was taboo in Louisiana and it was also illegal. I am from Louisiana

  • Big Bob

    Finally someone posts the info I’ve been sending out for a couple of days.

    This is what we know. Big Phil was born on 4/24/46, Kay was born on DEC 21 1950. In interviews in June/July ’13 son Alan said he was 47 and the Robs were celebrating their 47th anniversary. By Oct/Dec they said it was their 48th.

    Do the math. It appears Kay was no older then 15 and quite possibly 14. The kicker is she got pregnant when she was no older then 14!

    If theyndidn’t get written affidavits from both parents PLUS a sign off from a judge their marriage is invalid and Big Phil is guilty of statutory rape.

    This puts al their interesting public comments into focus AND the fact that their marriage date and the date of their son are treated like duck state secrets.

    • Daniel Johnson

      Right on!

    • ReadLearnThink

      YES, EXACTLY!!!! That’s what I had figured out also, Glad the news media finally points out this hypocrisy. I bet they are not even legally married.