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Pregnant Alicia Keys Trips, Tumbles at Essence Fest (video)

R&B star Alicia Keys was there one moment and gone the next after the pregnant singer tripped and fell on her behind during a performance at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Saturday (July 3).

The performance is one of the singer’s last  shows before she takes maternity leave to prepare for the birth of her first child with fiancé Swizz Beatz.

Keys was one of the headliners at the three-day event, along with superstars Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Beyonce.

But Keys sent gasps through the crowd and raised concerns about her baby after she took a step back while singing “Love Is Blind” and landed hard on her rear end.

Keys was wearing stiletto heels and appeared to have caught a heel.

She never missed a beat, however, and got back to her feet. She walked over to her piano and continued the song.

A source close to the star insists mother and baby were unharmed in the incident, but the fall had to hurt. Check it out here:

  • Charlize

    OMG i went to the essence festival and i saw alicia keys perform and althoguh she fell i still think she was so good!! i want to buy the dvd for this years performances when it comes out because i didnt get to see all o them. i also bought the cd/dvd from last year’s festival and it was AWESOME!!! i know beyonces single ladies dance!!!

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