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Jennifer Aniston Snags Best Friend's Ex, Chris Gartin

Jennifer Aniston has been looking for love in all the wrong places, but has she turned into a maneater? She has reportedly hooked up with True Blood actor Chris Gartin, even though he recently divorced one of Jen’s best friends. WTF?

Needless to say, Jen is not only causing some heartache, but is trampling on her best friend’s loyalty just to get at another man. Doesn’t sound like Jen… unless she’s man crazy.

Jen has dated co-star Vince Vaughn, model Paul Sculfor and singer John Mayer, who left her humiliated.

Jen was also linked with actor Jason Sudeikis, her co-star from “Bounty Hunter.”

The love triangle behind the shocking hook-up and how Jen’s new romance comes at the expense of a scorned pal, is reportedly the talk of Hollywood, according to radaronline.

Here’s the connection. Chris’ ex-wife, Australian-born Joanne Gartin, has been friends with Aniston and Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette for 10 years.

That’s how Chris met Jen, according to the gossip web site.

“Jennifer has been my friend — our friend — for over 10 years… we have known each other a long time,” Joanne told the web site.

The rumors started flying after Chris, 42, was spotted with Jen, 41, having dinner at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Hotel early this month. They reportedly left in the same car.

Jen’s rep confirmed that she and Chris dined together, but denied a blossoming romance. She could have just been consoling a friend.

The confirmation comes from Joanne’s step-mother.

“It’s been difficult for Joanne,” Robbie Ahlfeld told Australian magazine Woman’s Day.

“It just seems so bizarre to me because Jo and Jen are such good friends. I find it very strange that Jen would do that [to Jo].”

Jen is also even acting as a step-mother to Chris’ two-children, Sydney and Flynn, RadarOnline reports.

“Jen is in their lives,” said Robbie. “She comes to their house and Sydney and Flynn go to her house a lot, to play in the pool.

“Jen gets on well with the kids and they play together.”

Is this the instant family that Jen always wanted?

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  • anoni

    at least Jolie wasn’t Aniston’s BFF. Remember all the flack when Denise Richards hooked up with Locklear’s estranged husband? think the wife is really upset about it, and who could blame her. you just don’t grab your best friends ex-husband (was the ink dry yet?), it’s bad etiquette, but she’ll get away with it cause she’s the “golden girl” (should be teflon IMO) and pays $20,000 a month in PR fees.

  • Hasbeen Aniston

    Get it right. He’s NOT divorced, he is STILL MARRIED. He also has two young children, So finally everyone canl see what a self-centered phony Aniston really is. Not to mention the biggest HYPOCRITE live.

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