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Scarlett Johansson Caught in Tizzy Over Fizzy Water in Israel (video)

Environment-Friendly Company Charged With Exploiting Environment in West Bank

Scarlett Johannson sells the sizzle for SodaStream, but the company is under fire in Israel.

Scarlett Johannson sells the sizzle for SodaStream, but the company is under fire in Israel.

Scarlett Johansson has been caught in a tizzy over fizzy water. She’s been signed to rep for SodaStream machines, but the Israeli company that makes them is under fire for building three factories in the West Bank.

The supposedly environmentally friendly company has been accused of taking advantage of Palestinians who have few other employment opportunities.

The company developed a machine you can use at home to carbonate water, without the environmental consequences of commercial production. The product is so popular the company went public three years ago.

Johannson will make her debut for the company in a Super Bowl commercial Sunday, February 2. The game will be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“My favorite thing about soda stream is that I don’t feel guilty when I enjoy beverages at home. I don’t feel I’m being wasteful,” the fetching actress says in a behind-the-scenes video released this week. It shows the making of the Super Bowl ad.

But critics say there is plenty of guilt to go around.

The company exploits “the commercial benefits of (the factory’s) location, essentially profiting from occupation,” according to an editorial in The Forward, a widely circulated Jewish newspaper in the United States.

Land in the West Bank costs more than two-thirds less than land across the boarder in Israel, the paper notes. The criticism has spawned a boycott movement in the United States and the company’s stock has taken a hit.

It’s unknown whether Johannson is aware of the controversy, or her thoughts on it if she is. Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

  • The reason the right-wing corporate/military owned government
    in Israel
    gets away with murder is because everyone is so scared of being called an
    anti-Semite. I’m not anti-Semite; I’m anti-murder.

    Support for Israel
    equals support for war crimes against Palestine. Stop Apartheid Israel. Free Gaza.


  • Michael Davison

    The argument is the height of stupidity on the part of BDS. Ma’ale Adumim has been on the Israeli side of every border proposed during negotiations over the past 20 years. It’s also the only one of four SodaStream plants that even comes close to being on “Palestinian land”.

    One plant near Afula (Lower Galilee), another one near Ashkelon (Mediterranean coast) and a third under construction south of Beersheba (projected to employ mostly Negev Bedouins) are completely unconnected to any conflict. The Ma’ale Adumim plant employs around 900 Palestinian workers who earn salaries according to Israeli laws, coming to between double and quadruple what Palestinian employers pay, with benefits not provided by the Palestinian Authority, such as Social Security, universal healthcare, disability and severance pay funds.

    It makes one wonder exactly who it is the BDS crowd intend to punish with their boycott.

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