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Selena Gomez on Standby, Ready to Jet to Panama for Justin Bieber

Wants Him to Come Out of This Stronger

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber during better times taking in an NBA game in 2012. She wants to see him get through his problems and come out stronger. (Photo: Getty)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber during better times taking in an NBA game in 2012. She wants to see him get through his problems and come out stronger. (Photo: Getty)

Selena Gomez is reportedly ready to fly to Panama to help Justin Bieber get through his crisis if she gets word from his team that she can be helpful in turning him around.

Although they are just friends, Selena cares enough about Justin to provide the support he needs to help redirect his life, according to a source close to her camp.

But a lot of details need to be worked out before anything happens. Selena reportedly was little put off after their Segway reunion earlier this month.

During the ride, they encountered two neighbors, who took photos of the couple riding in the street. “She was so nice, so he yelled at us,” one of them wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to @justinbieber told us to f*** off, and his bodyguards blocked the road…”

Jeremy Bieber’s Angry Tweet Defending Justin

They parted ways, but she knows he listens to her and trusts her, and she thinks she can help get through to him, the source said.

Of course, Justin is in Panama with model Chantel Jefferies, whom he met in Miami and who was riding with him at the time of his arrest on Jan. 23. At this point, the appear to be an item.

Although it might be awkward, Chantel wouldn’t be a problem. Selena, at this point, considers Justin a friend and understands he might be seeing someone else.

What’s really complicating the situation is Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber. He’s become very protective of his son and defensive.

Bieber, 38, has reportedly been enabling Justin’s episodes and encouraging his defiance in the face of efforts to turn him around, a source told The New York Daily News.

Jeremy Bieber was drinking with Justin the night of his arrest and was riding in one of the SUVs trailing his rented Lamborghini when the police pulled him over.

“I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy,” Jeremy posted on Twitter afterward.

It’s clear he views anyone who thinks Justin needs professional help as an “enemy.”

“His dad is a bad influence,” The Daily News source said.

Selena has no problem with Jeremy, but he knows that Selena is one of the few people who can counter his influence, and he’s not keen on having her there, the source said.

Whether she makes the trip remains to be seen, but if she were called, she would go, for Justin’s sake, our source said.

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