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Ellen Page Golden on Leno: But Peeing with Jay? (video)

Ellen Page appeared on Jay Leno last night to talk about her new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio until the conversation turned to her peeing in a bucket. At first, golden showers from perky Ellen sounded kind of fun, but when Leno got into the act, the conversation quickly turned, ahem, pervie.

Ellen was explaining how her family kept a compost pile and the family members would pee in a bucket and dump it on the pile, because, well, urine is such a great source of nitrogen.

That’s when Jay piped in. He though it was a great idea because it saves water from not flushing. Spoken like a true Californian where droughts can be a problem.

But then Leno suggested, hey, maybe he and Page should pee together sometime. That’s when cute turned kind of creepy.

Meanwhile, Ellen seems jazzed about “Inception” and the way the move shifts through layer upon layer of dreams. She credits Director Christopher Nolan for making the movie work.

“Shooting this movie made me think more about my dreams,” Ellen told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“But what “Inception” made me think of more, especially because of books I was reading at the time, is my awake world and the elusiveness of all life,” she said.

“My own, individual perspective and the thoughts I’m creating for myself. Definitely a bit of an existential-crisis-esque time, but I’m in my early 20s, so…”

Right, she has a ways to go before her emotional baggage rises to “Inception” levels. But peeing with Jay Leno would be a good start.

Check out the video:

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