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Kevin Spacey Faces New Charges of Sexual Misconduct in London

Kevin Spacey Sexual Misconduct

Kevin Spacey is now under investigation for a third incident of alleged sexual assault in London, according to Police. (Photo: Getty)

Kevin Spacey is in even deeper shit. The disgraced “House of Cards” actor is being investigated over a third allegation of sexual assault in London during his time as director of the Old Vic theater.


Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Dating at 13; How Strange is That?

Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown’s character ‘Eleven’ got a sexualized makeover in Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ She’s reportedly dating, even though she’s only 13.
(Photo: Instagram)

Millie Bobby Brown, who scored a breakout in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” appears to be growing up a little too fast. She’s reportedly dating a pop singer even though she’s only 13-years-old. How strange is that?


Selena Gomez Shockingly Silent as Co-Stars Speak Out on Woody Allen

Selena Gomez has been shockingly silent about working with Woody Allen on his new film, while other co-stars have condemned the director. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Selena Gomez has been shockingly silent in the controversy surrounding Woody Allen’s new film, “A Rainy Day in New York,” forcing her mother, Mandy Teefey, to come to her defense on social media.


Billy Bush Sets Record Straight; That's Trump on 'Pussy Grabbing' Tape (vid)

Donald Trump Women White House

Donald Trump said he often moved on women without their permission in a 2005 audio tape he’s not trying to deny. (Photo Collage: TheImproper)

Billy Bush, the other half of the conversation on Donald Trump’s infamous “pussy grabbing” open mic tape, has come forward to confirm that, yes, The President of the United States uttered those words.


Political Correctness Snares Simpsons; Kwik-E-Mart's Apu May Be Out (video)

Homer Apu The Simpsons

Apu’s days on the Simpsons may be number because of an outcry about racial stereotyping. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Political correctness may have finally caught up with “The Simpsons,” the iconoclastic cartoon show that has never seen a social convention it couldn’t shatter. The show may finally be crossing a line with Kwik-E-Mart character Apu.


Is Al Franken Being Railroaded by Hard-Core, Trump-Supporting Zealots?

Leeann Tweeden’s political connections make her allegations suspect about Al Franken’s sexual harassment. (Photo: Leeann Tweeden/Instagram)

Isn’t it amazing? Suddenly, out of nowhere, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, is being accused of sexual assault–by two Trump supporters, no less–just as Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is bearing fruit and the GOP’s Alabama Senate candidate is turning out to be a serial child molester.


Jodi Foster Lashes Out at Gender Bias in Hollywood Filmmaking

Jodi Foster Harpers Bazaar

Jodi Foster is taking on Hollywood over gender bias in filmmaking. (Photo by Richard Phibbs for Harper’s Bazaar)

Jodie Foster, who famously came out at the 2013 Golden Globes Awards, lashed out at gender bias in the film industry, saying it remains as strong as ever in Hollywood largely because women are “idealized” in most scripts.


Sex Doll Invasion! China Firm Pushes Life-Like Silicone Figures for Sin (see!)

Sex dolls are being mass produced in China for the U.S. market. Is this the next sexual revolution? (Photo: Els)

Are life-like full-size sex dolls the next step in the sexual revolution? A Chinese company thinks so. It’s targeting the U.S. market with a complete line of customizable dolls in 12 different models. All made from flexible silicone and (ahem) highly detailed.


How Much Does Nation That Elected Donald Trump Care About Sex Assault?

Donald Trump has always been known as a lady’s man, and faced a sex scandal similar to Harvey Weinstein’s before he was elected President. (Photo: MPG Collage)

Long before the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal broke, the nation was confronted with a choice about another habitual sexual abuser. Yet by the slimmest of margins voters chose Donald Trump for the nation’s highest office.


Kick Off Friday 13th With Spooky New 'Stranger Things' Trailer (Watch!)

Millie Bobby Brown returns as Eleven in the new season of ‘Stranger Things’ after disappearing last season (Photo: ScreenCap)

Millie Bobby Brown returns in Season 2 of Netflix’s surprise hit “Stranger Things.” She appears in a new trailer for the sci-fi show released today, which just happens to be Friday 13th.


Jason Aldean Vegas Shooting Tribute Ignores Elephant in Room (watch!)

Jason Aldean, the singer who was on stage when the Las Vegas shooter opened fire, gave a tribute on “Saturday Night Live,” but never mentioned the need for better gun control. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jason Aldean, who was performing when the Las Vegas shooter opened fire, gave a moving tribute to the victims on “Saturday Night Live,” but never mentioned the nation’s failure to protect its citizens with reasonable gun controls.


Holly Madison: Hugh Hefner's Sordid Sex Orgies Left Her Depressed, Suicidal

Holly Madison was Playboy Editor Hugh Hefner’s No. 1 girlfriend for seven years. She regrets her time in the Playboy mansion. (Photo: Playboy)

Holly Madison, one of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner’s gaggle of girlfriends from 2001 to 2008, said competition among his harem of busty blondes at the Playboy Mansion fueled a suicidal depression and took a toll on the women who competed for his attention.


'Mad Pooper' Jogger Eludes Colorado Police Going on Eight Weeks (Video)

This woman, identified as the Colorado Pooper, has managed to elude police for eight weeks. (Photo: ScreenCap)

A female jogger in Colorado, wanted for pooping on the same lawn for the past month and a half, continues to elude police, despite widespread publicity that has turned the story into an international viral sensation.


Hugh Hefner, a Social Force in America, Built Empire on Babes, Boobs, Dies

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine and a pioneer of social change in America, has died at 91.

Hugh Hefner, a pioneer of the sexual revolution, who helped America break out of the turgid social restrictions of the 1950s and became a master of brand extension, has died at 91.


Top Drugmakers Hit With Subpoenas in Multi-State Opioid Investigation

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced subpoenas today against top drugmakers as part of an opioid investigation. (Photo: Getty)

Four top drugmakers, including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Allergan Inc. have been hit with subpoenas in an ongoing multi-state investigation into the nation’s alarming opioid drug epidemic, according to New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.