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Trump White House Shit Storm Hits Category Five After Book Publication

Donald Trump has no coherent media strategy to counter claims in a new book questioning his intelligence and fitness for office. Photo: Getty)

The crisis surrounding Donald Trump’s White House has risen to a Category Five Shit Storm following publication of Michael Wolff’s book. The administration’s only media strategy is to cry “lies” and “fake news,” but it’s clearly no longer enough.


Fox News Scrambling Furiously to Salvage Trump Shipwreck (see!)

Donald Trump

Fox News remains on board Donald Trump’s crippled ship, which has been torpedoed by insiders, including former White House Counsel Steve Bannon. (Photo: Getty)

The Donald Trump administration is a shipwreck, torpedoed by insiders who confirmed the worst about the new President. But at Fox News the band plays on, furiously trying to mitigate the damage and keep the president’s tattered reputation afloat.


Net Neutrality War: NYAG Leading Multi-State Fight Against Repeal

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is leading a mult-state effort in court to block the Trump administration’s rollback of Net Neutrality. (Photo: Getty)

Net Neutrality, the long-standing government policy to keep the Internet free and open, has been rolled back by the Trump administration, but the fight is far from over. States are banding together to sue in court.


How Matt Lauer Blew a $25 Million a Year Job as Today Show Host (video)

Matt Lauer’s firing as “Today” Show host was shocking given the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but an unasked question is how someone could so callously blow off a $25 million a year job by such reckless behavior.


Matt the Monster? Today Host a Jekyll & Hyde Sexual Predator (video)

Matt Lauer Today show

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from the Today show for sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from NBC’s “Today” show, painting a Jekyll & Hyde portrait of the news host, who could be warm and endearing to some women, and prey on others for sex against their will.


Say It Ain't So! Matt Lauer Fired From Today Show for Sexual Misconduct

Matt Lauer Today Show

Matt Lauer, who has long been dogged by philandering rumors, was fired by NBC News today for alleged sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer, the high-profile “Today” show host finally got his comeuppance today. He was fired by NBC News boss Andy Lack for “inappropriate sexual behavior,” after being dogged for years by rumors that he was a major hoser.


NY Times 'Joe Nazi' Story Unleashes Torrent of Scorn Over Reporting

Death Camp Guards

The Nazis routinely took photos of death camp guards enjoying themselves to normalize their work. Pictured are Ravensbruck guards Helene Massar, Marga Löwenberg and an unidentified co-worker. They were later hanged for war crimes.

The New York Times says it assigned one of its “smartest thinkers and best writers” to profile a white supremacist who participated in the Charlottesville riot and came away with a story that was neither smart nor well written, touching off a torrent of criticism over the reporting.


Ad Exodus Grows After Hannity Laughs Off Uproar Over Roy Moore (Video)

Sean Hannity Roy Moore Controversy

Sean Hannity triggered an advertiser exodus with his defense of accused molester Roy Moore, a Republican Senate candidate from Alabama. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Fox News host Sean Hannity dug a deeper hole with advertisers today after laughing off the uproar over his interview with Roy Moore. Hannity defended the Republican Senate candidate, who allegedly molested or tried to date five teen girls.


Hugh Hefner, a Social Force in America, Built Empire on Babes, Boobs, Dies

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine and a pioneer of social change in America, has died at 91.

Hugh Hefner, a pioneer of the sexual revolution, who helped America break out of the turgid social restrictions of the 1950s and became a master of brand extension, has died at 91.


Bill O'Reilly Has Tin Cans Tied to His Tail That Won't Go Away (See)

Bill O’Reilly went the full hangout route on the Today show– deny, deny, deny. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Bill O’Reilly, the once bombastic Fox News talking head, has a string of tin cans tied to his tail. On the “Today” show this morning, he couldn’t dodge questions about his alleged sexual harassment of colleagues.


It's Official: Donald Trump is Now a National Joke as President (video)

SNL Actors Mikey Day and Alex Moffatt portrayed Trump’s sons on the Weekend Update premiere. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump was the star attraction once again on the new “Saturday Night Live” spinoff, “Weekend Update,” officially solidifying the President as a national joke He eclipses former presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush. Ain’t America great!


Sarah Palin Tries to Run Up Legal Bills in New York Times Defamation Suit

Sarah Palin Donald Trump New York Daily News

Sarah Palin, a close pal of President Donald Trump, is suing the New York Times for defamation. (Photo: NYDailyNews)

Sarah Palin must have a pretty deep pockets behind her defamation lawsuit against The New York Times. The former Alaskan governor has reportedly subpoenaed almost two dozen newspaper staffers, most of whom have nothing to do with the case.


Fox Talking Head Lisa Marie Boothe Sets New Low in Political Discourse

Lisa Marie Boothe Fox The Five

Lisa Marie Boothe set a new low in political discourse with her ad hominem attack on Hilliary Clinton on the Fox show, ‘The Five.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Lisa Marie Boothe, who bills herself as a “journalist” and works as a Fox News contributor, set a new low in political discourse on Fox’s “The Five.” She called Hillary Clinton “the most soulless woman on the planet.”


Local News Spiked With Right-Wing Agitprop Could Be Headed Your Way

John Oliver zeroes in on the spread of right-wing newsspeak right out of 1984 on local news programs. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Local News ain’t what it used to be. It’s being infiltrated by right-wing newspeak that would shock even George Orwell, who predicted as much in his seminal book “1984.” John Oliver tackles the problem on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”


Is Sarah Palin Trying to Gawker The New York Times With Lawsuit?

Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for defamation, but is she out to Gawker the newspaper? (Photo: ScreenCap)

Sarah Palin, the former 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and ex-Alaska governor, has filed a defamation lawsuit, seemingly out of the blue, against The New York Times . Is she trying to Gawker the newspaper with expensive litigation?