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Matt the Monster? Today Host a Jekyll & Hyde Sexual Predator (video)

Both Praised, Reviled in Wake of Scandal

Matt Lauer Today show

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from the Today show for sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from NBC’s “Today” show, painting a Jekyll & Hyde portrait of the news host, who could be warm and endearing to some women, and prey on others for sex against their will.


Say It Ain't So! Matt Lauer Fired From Today Show for Sexual Misconduct

Once Accused of Thinking With His D*ck

Matt Lauer Today Show

Matt Lauer, who has long been dogged by philandering rumors, was fired by NBC News today for alleged sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer, the high-profile “Today” show host finally got his comeuppance today. He was fired by NBC News boss Andy Lack for “inappropriate sexual behavior,” after being dogged for years by rumors that he was a major hoser.


Megyn Kelly Won't be Taking Over Today Show; NBC Shoots Down Report

Polarizing News Anchor Called a Propagandist

Megyn Kelly (L) and Savannah Guthrie were chummy at a Hollywood Reporter Media event earlier this year. Who knew they’d be working together? (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Megyn Kelly won’t be replacing Savannah Guthrie anytime soon, if at ever, on NBC’s flagship morning program “Today,” despite tabloid reports to the contrary. At the moment Kelly has no formal role at the network.