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It's a Donald Trump Christmas on SNL, Complete With Tree of Shame (watch!)

Omarosa, Outside Looking In, Rattles Windows

It’s a Donald Trump Christmas on Saturday Night Live. The family gets together to decorate the ‘Tree of Shame.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump and family gather for the traditional decorating of the White House Christmas tree (maybe for the last time) in a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” skit. All our favorite characters are there, including raving mad Omarosa.


Roy Moore Gets the Send-Off He Deserves on Stephen Colbert (Watch!)

A Little Ditty As He Rides Into The Sunset

Roy Moore continues his hellfire and brimstone campaign for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, refusing to conceded the race even though even Fox News has declared Democrat Doug Jones the winner. Who’s left? Steve Bannon?


Kids Have Darnedest Things on Their Santa Wish Lists on SNL (Watch!)

Who's Been Naughty and Nice This Year?

Kenan Thompson Santa Clause SNL

Santa is forced to field some tough questions from tots in a hilarious ‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice, but leave it up to the kids to clue him in on who’s been naughty and nice in a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” cold open.


Roy Moore Ousts Donald Trump as Butt of Late Night Comedy Jokes (See!)

Dogged by Child Molestation Allegations

Patton Oswalt spoofs Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on the Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Roy Moore has become a caricature of himself on late-night comedy shows, replacing Donald Trump, at least temporarily, as the butt of jokes, thanks to his outlandish personality and dogged fight against child molestation claims.


How Matt Lauer Blew a $25 Million a Year Job as Today Show Host (video)

Power, Fear of Impotence, Emasculation

Matt Lauer’s firing as “Today” Show host was shocking given the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but an unasked question is how someone could so callously blow off a $25 million a year job by such reckless behavior.


Matt the Monster? Today Host a Jekyll & Hyde Sexual Predator (video)

Both Praised, Reviled in Wake of Scandal

Matt Lauer Today show

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from the Today show for sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer was both praised and reviled following his ouster from NBC’s “Today” show, painting a Jekyll & Hyde portrait of the news host, who could be warm and endearing to some women, and prey on others for sex against their will.


Last Refuge of Scoundrels: Trump Hits NBC Despite His Own Misconduct

Politicians Skate on Sex Harassment Charges

Donald Trump Sexual Misconduct

Donald Trump lambasted NBC and Today show host Matt Lauer over his firing for sexual misconduct,
despite facing his own serious allegations. (Photo: Getty)

Politics really is the last refuge of scoundrels. In the height of hypocrisy, President Trump lambasted NBC and “Today” show host Matt Lauer, despite facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct himself.


Say It Ain't So! Matt Lauer Fired From Today Show for Sexual Misconduct

Once Accused of Thinking With His D*ck

Matt Lauer Today Show

Matt Lauer, who has long been dogged by philandering rumors, was fired by NBC News today for alleged sexual misconduct. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Matt Lauer, the high-profile “Today” show host finally got his comeuppance today. He was fired by NBC News boss Andy Lack for “inappropriate sexual behavior,” after being dogged for years by rumors that he was a major hoser.


Leeann Tweeden Tipped Conservative Media Machine Prior to Franken Claims

Gunned for Maximum Exposure to Charges

Leeann Tweeden Al Franken

Leeann Tweeden and colleagues alerted conservative news outlets about her news conference charging Sen. Al Franken with sexual harassment hours before she went public to maximize publicity. (Photo: Leeann Tweeden/Instagram)

Leeann Tweeden claims she called out Sen. Al Franken for sexual harassment as an act of conscience to help other women, but she also took steps to get maximum publicity by tipping off conservative media in an orchestrated campaign before going public.


Leeann Tweeden Busted For Lying on Howard Stern and It Was a Big One

On Show in 2007 After FHM Photo Spread

Leeann Tweeden Howard Stern 2007

Leeann Tweeden, who has accused Sen. Al Franken of sexual harassment, appeared on the Howard Stern show a year later and was caught lying about her resume. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Leeann Tweeden, the former Playboy model, Hooter’s girl and hard-Right talking head who has accused Sen. Al Franken of sexual harassment, was caught lying during an interview on the Howard Stern’s radio show and it was a big one.


Is Al Franken Being Railroaded by Hard-Core, Trump-Supporting Zealots?

Leann Tweeden, Melanie Morgan Bear Scrutiny

Leeann Tweeden’s political connections make her allegations suspect about Al Franken’s sexual harassment. (Photo: Leeann Tweeden/Instagram)

Isn’t it amazing? Suddenly, out of nowhere, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, is being accused of sexual assault–by two Trump supporters, no less–just as Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is bearing fruit and the GOP’s Alabama Senate candidate is turning out to be a serial child molester.


Roy Moore, Donald Trump Accusers May Testify in Al Franken Ethics Probe

Opportunity to Finally Place Them Under Oath

Roy Moore has been accused of trolling teenagers for sex by nine women, who could testify at Al Franken’s Ethics hearing. (Photo: Roy Moore/Twitter)

Al Franken’s Senate Ethics Committee investigation into allegations he sexually harassed a former Playboy model on a 2006 USO Tour, could open the door for Roy Moore and Donald Trump accusers to testify under oath about their sexual misconduct allegations.


Stephen Colbert Tackles Politics of Sexual Misconduct on Capitol Hill (See!)

Al Franken, Roy Moore Same Boat But Different

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert weighs in on the Al Franken and Roy Moore sex scandals. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Stephen Colbert provided some equal-opportunity insights into sexual harassment allegations against Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and child molestation charges against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. But beware false equivalency.


Franken Foil Leeann Tweeden a Hard-Right Hannity Protégé, Hooter's Girl

Is Nude Playboy Model Politically Motivated?

Leeann Tweeden Playboy 2011

Al Franken accuser Leeann Tweeden appeared for the second time in Playboy in 2011, posing nude. Her first appearance was in 1996. (Photo: Playboy)

Leeann Tweeden, who explosively accused Sen. Al Franken of groping her during a 2006 USO tour to Iraq, once worked as a scantily clad Hooter’s hostess, posed for Playboy twice–including nude– and was a talking head on two Sean Hannity Fox News shows.


Ad Exodus Grows After Hannity Laughs Off Uproar Over Roy Moore (Video)

Has Lost Six Sponsors Over His Remarks

Sean Hannity Roy Moore Controversy

Sean Hannity triggered an advertiser exodus with his defense of accused molester Roy Moore, a Republican Senate candidate from Alabama. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Fox News host Sean Hannity dug a deeper hole with advertisers today after laughing off the uproar over his interview with Roy Moore. Hannity defended the Republican Senate candidate, who allegedly molested or tried to date five teen girls.