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Justin Bieber Promises Fans to Fly Right After Pot Photos Surface

Justin Bieber in classic stoner pose (Photo:  TMZ)

Justin Bieber in classic stoner pose (Photo: TMZ)

Justin Bieber indirectly acknowledged he was photographed smoking pot at a party and chalked up the embarrassing incident to a youthful mistake. He promised his fans not to let them down.


Taylor Swift's Eerie Connection to Newtown Mass Murderer

TaylorSwift-lanzaTaylor Swift has millions of fans,, but one in particular was obsessed with her. Newtown, Conn. mass murderer Adam Lanza devoted countless hours to a fixation with the country queen, according to federal authorities.


Miley Cyrus Gets in Touch With Gay Self, Again, in England (photos)

Miley Cyrus tweeted this photo in November with the caption: "Nap Time"

Miley Cyrus tweeted this photo in November with the caption: “Nap Time”

Miley Cyrus is getting in touch with her gay self, again. The country queen turned pop-punk singer has teased about her sexuality for years. This time, she’s praising the City of London for its large number of friendly gays and dissing the United States.


Rihanna Finally Leaves Nothing to Imagination in Full Frontal Photos

Rihanna-barbados-frontRihanna is very comfortable with her own nudity… maybe too comfortable. The Barbadian beauty was caught without clothes changing bathing suits in her hotel suite in full view through an open door. The photos have since gone viral.


Kim Kardashian First Look New Tyler Perry Temptation Trailer (watch!)

KimKardashian-TemptationKim Kardashian is finally a real actress. She appears in a couple of quick shots in a new trailer for Tyler Perry’s “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” a steamy romance. Fortunately, Kim doesn’t have to stray too far out of character.


Katy Perry Marine Video Tribute Branded 'Propaganda'

Katy Perry, Part of Me Video, TheImproper.comKaty Perry’s rousing portrayal of the U.S. Marines in her new video for song “Part of Me” has drawn the ire of feminist author Naomi Wolf. She thinks it smacks of propaganda.


LeAnn Rimes Half Right: A Tape, Yes, But No Sex (photos)

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is at least half right. Images from a video have gone viral showing her in scanty dress with ex-husband Dean Sheremet. But so far, no sex scenes.


Demi Lovato Alcohol, Cocaine Binge Allegedly on Video

Demi Lovato may soon be starring in another production and it won’t be a Disney movie. The host of a Texas party where Lovato reportedly drank and snorted cocaine is supposedly shopping around a tape of the actress in full party mode.