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Da Vinci Mona Lisa Mystery; Real Secret Codes Discovered in Eyes

Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysterious Mona Lisa has just gotten even more intriguing. The Italian genius apparently painted tiny numbers and letters into the eyes of the enigmatic painting, but their meaning is unclear.

Click here or click the photo to supersize it. Look for other clues!

The 500-year-old Renaissance masterpiece has long puzzled art historians, from Mona Lisa’s wry smile to the identity of the woman in the painting. Some believe it is Da Vinci himself, painted as a woman.

As for Da Vinci, he was a fan of riddles and secret codes and his paintings formed the basis of the best selling fictional work “The Da Vinci Code.”

The book by Dan Brown and the 2006 movie based on it starring Tom Hanks claimed the Mona Lisa contained secrets about the life of Jesus Christ.

The book postulated that Christ had a child with Mary Magadelene and established a blood line that exists to this day.

The real codes in Mona Lisa’s eyes may not be quite so consequential, but they are mystifying, nonetheless, not only for what they may mean, but also because of that fact that Da Vinci was able paint them so small.

The letters and numbers cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage said the symbols were detected through high resolution images of the painting.

“To the naked eye the symbols are not visible, but with a magnifying glass they can clearly be seen,” said Committee President Silvano Vinceti.

“In the right eye appear to be the letters LV which could well stand for his name Leonardo Da Vinci, while in the left eye there are also symbols, but they are not as defined,” he said.

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“It is very difficult to make them out clearly but they appear to be the letters CE or it could be the letter B. You have to remember the picture is almost 500 years old so it is not as sharp and clear as when first painted,” he added.

In the arch of the bridge in the background the number 72 can be seen or it could be an L and the number 2, he said.

The clue to the codes was found in a 50-year-old book about the painting that was discovered in an antique shop. It mentions the codes and symbols, Vinceti said.

“It’s remarkable that no-one has noticed these symbols before and from the preliminary investigations we have carried out we are confident they are not a mistake and were put there by the artist,” Vinceti said.

  • magedalin

    (C E)this was a different news back in 1998 when they found letters on the painting left eye sugessting her name was Carolina just because there were 2 other letters LV( leonardo’s intitials)Its like they are following tips, some one left them clues to solve the mystery and see if they fell in concisely right.
    but from reading every other day “mystery MAYBE solved” piece, i think about a higher dispatch, just for the rapidly results and promptness at saving time, called “get real” use real documents as FAMILY TREES. stop isolating a very near time(1400-1600) from now and today age.
    then stop the illusion that fame back then was not any close to how is it today, don’t take us to this SCAM, that names are a mystery from way back in time, way back in time (you are in the zone, go to sleep) and waite don’t try this at home because clues must be hazards science!
    not to forget to mention the very important element in all this and its that all those are real people, like us. is it big deal if her name was 100% Noble Europe, or his as so mighty Devinne! MONA LISA combine name was always around she had a lengthy one CIERRA MONA ELISA VICTORIA as for (DA VINCI) we all know now his first name was LEON or LEONARDO. C E is for the royal name monalisa had, was oriental royalty from euro-middle east which she declined and refused, her name as a royal was CIERRA ELISA.why is it ELISA? its becasue in the middle east LISA is also ELISA OR L’ISIS. now you can add it to urban dictionary OJ, JFK, LV, CE…etc
    if one wants to get real, i say go to family trees, those were real people, did he paint by numbers or letters? i didn’t hear that was the reason why we found the letters CE, first.this is an excuse to dismiss Carolina for her name and go, ooops! no, no!
    telling the world maybe the method he used is what all those clues are about(painting by letters and numbers) wake up now, and go home think about DaVinci’s clever ways leaving us clues all over his painting maybe we don’t go straight forward to his records and true documents, including his family tree. must be hiding a secret..solon! see you next tiem when the headline goes ” DAVINCI’S SECRET HE DIDN’T WANT US TO KNOW” are all in his real documents! and i say the secret is to feed his family and hires from all those idiotic studies and the money paid for it.

  • Eliza

    I wanted to tweet or share in the face ur comments magedalin..its more accurate than this code etc found in monaliza’s paint..brown’s book is misleading. Its true, make a research on da vinci’s life or monaliza..

  • Kenny

    It would be nice if they posted pictures of what the damn artical is about. Anyone can say they see what ever they want but i want to see what they are talking about in the eyes damn it!!!

  • j.leno

    what a bullshit story…

  • prustage95


    Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Shivkumar

    nice Magedalin…..

  • Blotchy

    Is the lady in the painting Madeline McCann?

  • Nomad

    It’s a paint-by-number!

  • Ali

    He was ITALIAN why would he write english alphabets or letters LV in right eye some 500 years back when english was not widely spread like now a days.He should have written in Italian.

  • Col B

    Yeah? where’s the picture of the letters/numbers? We don’t see them here on this page. How would you expect us to believe that? It’s like the Australian equivalent to America’s BIGFOOT (or Sasquatch)to the YOWIE roaming all over the Australian Continent, many reported sightings, but no real photos or videos of one. Get real!.

  • praven

    how would da vinci know a secret about jesus,and still mystery to whole world

  • anonymous

    Ali: wtf? in Italian language, they have English letters. I learn Italian at school, I should know. xD

  • Beytil

    I have a very probable solution to Mona Lisas “mysterious smile”:
    THAT’S JUST HOW SHE LOOKED! Problem solved. Case closed.

  • Wibloc

    Not that you could ever be taken seriously enough to worth the comment but I just couldn’t resist. Both Italian and English, now and back then, use the LATIN alphabet. Thanks for the laugh mate 😉

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  • jessica pelno

    some people just dont get anything how do u not get wat there talking about i meen really

  • Rishu

    Da Vinci was a fucked up guy with insane access to the archieves of Roman Catholic Church and a valuable member of Illuminate … who can say wt he knew then or wts kind of bloody cover up has taken place in history .. for all 1 can state is the fact that every posibility no matter how distant it may seem worth our time … as for Da Vinci hats of to him … a bloody genius… we need to have some patience… we may live to see things get clear

  • butterfly.123

    Does anybody else think the letters could be Roman numerals? I don’t know about the numbers, but Roman numerals were represented by letters like for instance XV, XII, etc.

  • Abdelaziz

    @ magdelin
    I like ur thinking but wat about the”72″? I know Im not being smart but look at Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I dont remember exactly wat it was but it had to do w/ Jesus! & like Rishu said he had all the access to the information he needed to make us think for 500 years without breaking his code! thus this code was not meant for us it was meant for a relative or some friend who understood his code like u said.I hope to live & see wat he meant

  • Nobody Important

    I remember reading somewhere that small letters were written on illuminated manuscripts centuries ago to denote the colour that would be added in later. Maybe Da Vinci did the same type of thing. You could be right Nomad!

  • shazad

    Did anyone ever notice any secrets maps in the painting??????

  • raavanan

    It maybe one of his discoveries; What about the sorcerer’s stone which he had discovered, or maybe a clue for other paintings,. We should refer his works for this secret………..LEONARDO DA VINCI, you are great!

  • Joshwa

    its the proof that leonardo da vinci was way ahead of is time.
    his painting his CE certified.
    or, in worst case, he sub contracted a chinese to paint it (CE= china export)

  • pawan manhas

    i think there is no secret behind this painting , it is just an imaginary painting made in pleasure…

  • Freddo

    Theres no proof exactly….. they are probably trying to make money ( more money) i in my opinion believe bacause of other website but it cold be a scam.

  • LokiDTrixtergod

    Seriously? You morons read way too much into fictional stories. If there were “tiny numbers/letters” in the painting of Mona Lisa, someone would have photos of this. If it were a “mystery” some two bit forced link advertising website/bullshit aggregate website wouldn’t have “The Scoop!” on actual news. Yes… Da Vinci was a genius… don’t belittle a great man by making up fantasies about his art or works… you’re just being assholes.

  • sharpeyes

    the bz or somthing looks like ez
    and i know im sad but ez like etzio alditory and he was based on a person who lived so maybe its somthing like that

  • Daithi

    He painted by numbers ? 😉

  • Robert Moore

    Did anyone every bother to ask themselves WHERE mona lisa is based on the background?

  • anonymous

    If you look at the background environment it sort of looks like Mona Lisa’s sitting in front of another painting..hmm..i don’t know

  • Tefera

    This is a trash. What secret? Don’t try to confuse the readers. We believe only the bible. Davinci was only a painter, lay person. Believe the scriptures!

  • savannah

    i am 10 and i am looking at tons of stuff trying to figure it out its so interesting.

  • Louise

    ooooooorrrr….It’s a paint by numbers

  • poppy

    theres also a ”p” in he right eye pupil if u look on google extreme close up of mona lisa’s eyes and look at the right one at the bottom of the pupil you can see it

  • Adrianna

    Anyone can say that the letters stand for something, and the numbers have meaning. I don’t believe that if this whole “code” thing is true, that anyone is going to crack it. There is no way of proving a theory that may even seem logical if there is no living proof. Maybe he was just trying to authenticate his work so it couldn’t be exactly duplicated like money? Even if this theory sounds logical, it will never be proven, and that’s the only truth anyone is going to get out of Da Vinci’s paintings.

  • jASON

    LV would be represented by roman numerals…surely!

  • Tenev

    Leonardo just jot down something he needed at the moment. For instance how many eggs he was promised by the neighbor, or more likely Mona Liza was just painted by numbers and he missed to cover some of the numbers.

  • reilly

    maybe he was just trying to get a conspiracy going so that his painting would be remembered, it worked 😛

  • Leelananda Jayasuriya

    I don’t know what you exactly mean by secret Da Vinci code in the Mona Lisa.

    But I found one thing while I experiment with Mona Lisa picture to create 3d effect .
    If you contract Da Vinci self portrait horizontally it is the same picture of Mona Lisa. Otherwise expand Mona Lisa picture horizontally. It is the self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci.

    Try it yourself.

  • lolman

    @Ali facepalm, the symbols were the same, spelling was different, lol

  • Lisa

    Leonardo was Adam, who had been Jesus and Julius Caesar , Alexander the Great, Plato, just to name a few. Mona Lisa (L’Isis) was Eve and Mary Magdalin, Cleopatra. Leo left all the necessary clues well hidden because the kids love a good Easter egg hunt 😀
    Adam was also William Shakespear and Dante so expect a Divine Comedy, your dear old ancient dad loves to dress up as Santa 🙂
    As for the painting, it’s both of them and they know it! How delicious
    Later, Eve/Mona Lisa went on to be Marilyn Monroe and then another girl. Marked

  • axel

    well the 72 is a religiouse term
    and da vinch was gay/homosexual and it was given to his “boyfriend” and in the eye with the symbols can be of somthing simple or even secret but being he likes riddels he probly put the clue in one of his other paintings or if you see all apinting you see a fer simularities but i dont know im just a fan of this painting but if you ask me the background almost represents the world seperated by a desigion or even a person actions
    also they eyes were painted so she seems to be looking at you sugjesting that your action can change the world or even that choosing the wrong side can kill the world

    i am not religiouse or anything like that yet i have read the bibel and it hevily focuses on sin and punishment this is because the bible is a templar book done so it makes us fear 95% of the world beleves in a god so they become constricted by the leaders the other 5% are truly free to act they think there actions deal there own cards and fate

    the painting does infact seem odd on many levels for example how da vinci made it looks like she was infront of it but the 1st thing you learn in my profesion is to see past apperences for example the backgroung it seems to be slighty 3d but infact it is 4d it changes slightly sepending if you see it in person or other media so it alone is a mystery
    some say da vivci was being helpedby aliens or a hight power there is no profe of that but there is also no profe to contredict that
    so deside on your own

  • LiberumAvis

    I didn’t have time to read those other comments,so if somebody wrote this before:Sorry!
    The “numbers” etc. are proven to be very small fractures on the paint…Nothing more nothing less.Everybody sees in them what they want to see,but truth is that time has made those secret codes,not Leonardo.

  • Carlotta

    Oh please. Another stupid theory about the painting of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Franceso del Giocondo.

    She was a merchant’s wife, and Da Vinci was commissioned to paint her portrait. This was very, VERY common in the day, and there is nothing particularly remarkable or innovative about this portrait. For those interested in seeing what it looked like when he painted it (not covered by layers and layers of varnish like it is today), google something like “multispectral scan” or “Mona Lisa virtually restored” and etc.

  • sang real

    it must have been really difficult to paint such tiny numbers into a painting, but with da Vinci, anything is possible.Even so, he would not have possibly jotted down those numbers for no reason!! And I am SICK of people telling me that the bible is the only ticket to heaven.Jesus himself studied from the philosophers of ancient India and there is solid proof for that, eventhough many of my dear”christian”(read churchians) friends simply won’t believe it!! Jesus was good and all, but the church has hidden many things from the people to achieve their goals…besides, what is wrong if Jesus married?? i can never comprehend what the fuss is all about. I completely believe that there exists a surviving bloodline of Jesus, but at the same time, I also admire Jesus as a prophet!! And it is easier for me to believe both, because I am not Christian!!1
    @raavanan…the philosophers stone is probably an allegory, or it has some other symbolic meaning, because even the Enlightened men would not create such a dangerous invention, for it would lead to serious implications. It probably refers to developing your soul, which is like lead, and enlightening ourselves, which is turning to gold

  • mysterious

    what if,the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was actually just simply potrait that has no hidden secrets or codes..? -.-“

  • randy

    it has been proved recently that those “symbols” and “numbers” are actually small cracks formed by the aging paint used on the painting…

  • yannick

    the 72 names of god
    year 72, construction of the coloseeum in rome O.o
    does the answer lie there??

  • Black

    what a loud of rubbish – If you cannot see it with the naked eye how did Leo paint it with the naked eye – more Einsteins trying for Area 51 Job applications – seeing something that is not there – rubbish that looks good on a CV ” – give me a break

  • Max

    who else tried to zoom in on the eyes

  • Simon

    could the codes be some sort of coordinates for a place with undiscovered da Vinci stuff? Remember that he wrote his notes backwards and put some short words together and cutted long words up to smaller words. I’ve just heard that a new Leonardo painting should’ve been refound after 400 years, if we knew the numbers and the letters, it would be a hell lot easier to break. when i write my ideas down and draw my drawings, i do the exact same thing af he did, it makes it a hell lot more easier to hide my ideas for people who could steal them. i do also use the A to K code system and letters from my own alphabet so no one can read my stuff or steal my ideas. I do protect my greatest solution even better that that, cause my greatest solution is the solution on Global Warming.

  • Kaustabh Bhattacharjee

    opinions may vary, but i just have a hunch that may be there was nothing going on the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, may be that he just, being an artist, drew a random picture of an acquaintance. and we are doing a lot of hullabaloo over it…just an opinion open for further debate…

  • Alex

    I found two persons – both on her left, one is on her left showlder staring to the sunk ship on the left shore, and the second person is under the first one and going down. Trere is a laying monkey on her right in the river (only the half of the monkey is over the water) and its holding something…

  • sean

    the top of the left mountain looks like a face

  • Richard

    Yeah it is a mystery,… but please who ever reported this that the letter and numbers were only discovered recently, its probably a sham i mean get “real” if anyone happen to found 1000 dollar in bill laying on the street unoticed no one to claim but you, would anyone shout “OH MY GOD I FOUND A THOUSAND DOLLAR” I mean really do you honestly think that we’ll believe that it was just discovered recently,… its probably been notice decades ago or even centuries ago,… I know its probably outrageous, or fictional even its probably been investigating the numbers and letters “code” until they could not found what does the number mean,.. it only means their looking for anyone who can help their research,… that’s why to post a comment here requires email or name… that’s all,… well to anyone who’s is researching this check the background the geographical background does not match its like the painting is divided in four place,… look for that places maybe it might answer the mystery,… but the real problem is the tree picture it does not have anymore distinguishing images to at least isolate from the other, unlike on the lower right has a bridge or an aqueduct the other tree its seem top right is like ice spikes of something the lower left is like desert canyons… and the top left, is what I’m having a hard time imagining, anyways wherever this location its gonna be hard to locate right nowadays due to changes throughout time,… so in all I’ve said its just a question of whether this painting is painted using real life backgrounds i mean not a painting using memory or imagination, well its just what i think,… he-he thanks for reading my comment that’s all

  • rahemat

    when i zoomed in the image on the computer, i saw that there was something written on her face, from right to left cheek over the nose.(left to right from my side). U need to zoom to atleast to 80% to be able to see that.

  • Rahemat

    TO THE RIGHT side of her neck( above the rocks) something is written in blue colour. zoom into more than 86% to see that.



  • alexis

    yeah randy is right that is only a crack…

  • Mohammad

    look at her hand i think she is hiding something with that palm on palm look right

  • kumar

    its rely nice to get another story of diz painting. i like to know mysterious story vch can b real nd wana c also so plz post d pic of d numericals or alphabets vch r written in d eye…

  • Mic

    There seems to be a figure wearing a hood with it’s head down on the right side, and it looks like its holding an axe, that figure is a symbol of death.

  • Jennifer

    was i the only one who saw two other faces in the painting ??

  • ken higgins

    hi all at last proof positive that time travel is not only possible but that leonardo da vinci traveled back and forth many times and on one of his trips to our present approximatly around the 1970 mark he bought and took back with him
    so there we have it PROOF POSITIVE UNDENIABLE FACT.A
    HOW DO I KNOW THIS ??? i was the shop keeper who sold it to him.
    in the year 1972 march 25th. and i have his signature to prove it on the sales invoice.

  • molten

    i saw some letters in her face and neck i think its R and L in her neck R in red color.L in green. then below her left eye i saw C or G in green color.L in black color.

  • George

    everyone has his own secrets even Da why all this emphasis on his works and secrets? is that because he was anti christ….did he really khnow the real secrets of jesus? and what if he was a lier or a maniac?

  • Waldo

    Just above Lisa’s left shoulder it looks like a Tank(Army Tank)…??

  • alvus

    there’s like some word above monalisa head