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Charlize Theron Making of Evil Snow White Queen (watch!)

New Trailer Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Throne Room

Charlize Theron, Queen Ravenna Charlize Theron threatens to steal “Snow White and the Huntsman, with her stunning portrayal of the evil queen. Universal Pictures provides a new look at how they brought the terrifying queen to life in a behind-the-scenes video.


Chevy Chase Pulls Charlie Sheen; Blasts Boss (listen!)

Actor Riled After 'Fu*k You Speech at Community Wrap Party

Chevy Chase is no Charlie Sheen, but he doesn’t hesitate to drop a profanity-laced bomb on the suit who oversees his television show “Community.” That would be creator, Executive Producer and Showrunner Dan Harmon, whose ego is just as big.


Justin Bieber Tests Sex Symbol Role in Boyfriend Tease (watch)

Singer is Attempting to Transition to Adult Career

Justin Bieber, Boyfriend, TheImproper.comJustin Bieber is testing out his new role as “sex symbol” with the video for his new song “Boyfriend.” A teaser of the clip shows him standing in shadows surrounded by women.


Jennifer Lawrence a Scream in New Horror Film (watch!)

Actress Has Rocketed to A-List After Hunger Games Role

Jennifer Lawrence, arguably the hottest actress in Hollywood at the moment for her role in “The Hunger Games,” debuts next in Horror film “The House at the End of the Street.” She looks beyond hot in a new trailer.


Justin Bieber Strikes Again! Punks Miley Cyrus (watch!)

Justin Pulls Punk Within Punk to Prank Miley

Justin Bieber punk’d teen hottie Miley Cyrus, but it took a punk within a punk to get her. She thought all along she was pranking him, but was she wrong.


Katy Perry's Sleek Sexuality Takes Wing in Jetset (photos)

Singer Suggests She's Single, Satisfied, Despite Hookup Rumors

Katy Perry takes her seductive looks to the extreme in a new photo shoot and interview for Jetset magazine. It charts Perry’s rise from three record deal failures to a globetrotting chart-topper “who travels the world with her entourage in Gulfstreams.


Kris Humphries Prying Lid Off Kim Kardashian Finances

Estranged Husband Wants Full Accounting of Wedding Largess

Kris Humphries is hitting estranged wife Kim Kardashian where it hurts most, in her financial balance sheet. He’s demanding in court to know how much money they earned during their 72-day marriage.


Nicki Minaj Starships Blasts Off on American Idol (watch!)

Singer Nearly Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Song

Nicki Minaj is a force of nature. She stole the show on Fox’s “American Idol” last night with a high energy performance of her new song “Starships.” At one point, she seemed to nearly suffer a wardobe malfunction.


Robert Pattinson Seduces Hot Bel Ami Paramours (photos!)

Film Hurt by Negative Reviews From Berlin, Glasgow Festivals

Robert Pattinson is smoldering as Georges Deroy in 18 new movie stills that show him in various stages of seduction with his hot Bel Ami leading ladies, Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Holliday Grainger.


Dakota Fanning's Age Finally Catches Up With Her (Photos)

Actress Over-Sexualized as a Minor, Never Felt Like Child

Dakota Fanning has been over-sexualized for so long, she can’t remember being a child. “I’ve never really felt like a child star. That name always felt really odd to me,” she says in a new interview and funky photo shoot for Wonderland magazine.


Katy Perry Marine Video Tribute Branded 'Propaganda'

Author Urges Boycott to Protest Glorification of Violence

Katy Perry, Part of Me Video, TheImproper.comKaty Perry’s rousing portrayal of the U.S. Marines in her new video for song “Part of Me” has drawn the ire of feminist author Naomi Wolf. She thinks it smacks of propaganda.


Lindsay Lohan a Free Bird; Probation Finally Ends for Actress

Actress Eyes Resuming Career With End of Legal Problems

Lindsay Lohan cleared the final hurdle in her legal Odyssey today (Mar. 29). Judge Stephanie Sautner ended her probation for the first time since her 2007 drunk driving arrest. “She did it,” the judge said.


Justin Bieber's Taylor Swift Prank; Too Cruel for School? (watch!)

Country Singer Thinks She Ruins Wedding on Yacht

Justin Bieber’s “Punk’d” scene with country princess Taylor Swift was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and it’s hard not to come away feeling a little put off by the cruelty of the practical joke.


Norman Mailer's Son Leads Village Voice Sex Ad Outcry

What Would Iconic Author Say About Selling Sex?

John Buffalo Mailer, son of storied writer Norman Mailer, who co-founded The Village Voice in 1955, was expected to be leading protesters today (Mar 29), demanding an end to Village Voice Media’s publication of adult sex ads.


Hailey Clauson, Fashion's Naughty Girl, Rebellious for Summer

Teen Caused Uproar at New York Fashion Week; Now 'It' Girl

Hailey Clauson, the naughty model who caused an uproar at New York Fashion Week last year, is hotter than ever in a new shoot for LF Stores Spring 2012 collection.