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Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein: Naked Envy (photos, video)

Zoe Saldana makes hot alien love in the new Avatar 3-D release, but beneath the CGI is a flesh and blood woman. No wonder Calvin Klein tapped her to rep its underwear line “Envy.” Who wouldn’t be envious of her body.

Given the line’s slogan, “What you uncover is up to you,” picking Saldana for the Fall campaign makes sense. She uncovers a lot to model CK’s three bra and pantie lines.

Saldana, 32, replaces Eva Mendes , who repped the line last year.

“I like when you are able to assist your body to look amazing as opposed to replacing anything. That’s exactly what Calvin Klein Underwear Envy does,” Saldana said in a statement.

“It helps you, it assists you, but it will not overshadow what you can bring naturally.”

There’s no overshadowing her, that’s for sure.

Print ads have been circulating for some time, but new video spots by Mikael Jansson have just started airing this weekend in the lead-up to the Emmy Awards.

The videos feature Zoe in various poses in her undies making “confessions” about her life and her desires. The complete series is at CK’s web site nothingtohide.

Saldana joins model Lara Stone in the CK stable. Stone reps for its collection, denim, and beauty campaigns,

As for personal details, Saldana says: “Sometimes what’s hard is being strong.”

I can be tough,” she adds. “I learned to ride a dirt bike when I was nine. And I can be deadly with a bow and arrow.”

Yikes! Shades of Avatar. Check her out below; click on photos to enlarge:


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