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  • phrick

    Good heavens, when do stop saying an actress is a Disney person. The Disney movies you refer to were made eight years ago and Christy is 26 years old. She is a long way from Disney. This article doesn’t make any rational sense if you are saying that Miley may be in danger of doing a nude role when she is 26 and eight years away from her Disney tv or movie roles. So what, a number of very reputable actresses appeared nude in movies when they were married and had children at home, yet I don’t see anything about them in this or any other similar article. What Miley may do in eight years is way too far in the future to worry about.

  • you-arse

    What has this story got to do with Miley Cyrus? You managed to link her somehow to this story when in reality there is nothing there…you are a useless journalist.

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  • Samual

    Its a bit sad when someone who you’ve seen as an innocent teenager on screen stoops to nudity and reveals what a slut she really is.

  • Rhydal

    Yes I know this is a 2 month old article. Let me just say an actress/actor doing nudity hardly makes them a ‘slut’ most famous women have either done nudity in movies, or been caught with a boob falling out at the beach. It happens to just about everyone eventually. From the clips shown here it was rather tastefully done, just chest and some rear end, no bush. This is about as common in movies as plot twists.

    Why was there a need to link Miley into this article? Miley just turned 18 recently, Christy is 26… additionally Miley had barely safe for work photos out since she was like 15, Christy held out till 26, I don’t see how comparing a wild barely legal teen and a mature young woman doing nudity in a movie is relevant at all. I almost didn’t remember Christy till I saw this post and went oh yeah she was cute, and of course.. I had to take a look. I was pretty impressed really, but that aside.

    Miley will end up with paparazzi boob/crotch shots within 4 months of being 18, and Christy is merely following in the footsteps of hundreds of actresses before her, leave Christy alone!!! and don’t compare her to Miley.. thats just rude

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