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Glenn Close Early Oscar Buzz for 'Albert Nobbs' (New Trailer)

Glennclose albertnobbs1 Glenn Close Early Oscar Buzz for 'Albert Nobbs' (New Trailer)Glenn Close tries her hand at gender bending on the big screen in a new trailer for the movie “Albert Nobbs.” She follows Julie Andrews, who did the same in the 1982 musical comedy “Victor Victoria.”

Close’s character has a more commercial reason for masquerading as a man. She’s trying to set up her own business in male-dominated 19th century Ireland.

Andrews, whose character explored transvestism, was nominated for a best actress Oscar, and early buzz has Close contending for the same honor.

Close is particularly fond of the character and story. She first played the role in a 1982 stage production and has spent 15 years, trying to get a film version off the ground.

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia and based on a short story by Irish novelist George Moore, the movie is about a star-crossed Englishwoman in Victorian Ireland.

She’s the illegitimate child of a hotel maid, who disguises herself as a man, Albert Nobbs, to get a leg up in male-dominated business world.

When another woman acting as a man comes into her life, a friendship blossoms along with complications about her identity.

Mia Wasikowska plays her love interest, a role that was originally slated for Amanda Seyfried.

“I don’t think she knows [if she’s gay],” Close told the DailyBeast in a recent interview.

“She has no knowledge of sexuality. She disappears for her own protection but she happens to disappear into a job where you’re expected to be invisible, so she’s an invisible person in an invisible job, and that makes her lose sight of herself.”

An interesting conundrum; see if it works in the new Albert Nobbs trailer below:


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