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Adam Lambert Plays Spiky Pan in 'If I Had You' Video (watch)

Adam Lambert’s new video for his catchy eurobeat dance tune, “If I Had You,” is filled with dancers in glam costumes, following him pan-like through the woods, but this time there’s no crotch-grabbing, simulated fellatio or male-dancer-kissing.

Instead, his new Bryan Barber-directed video, which premiered today (June 14) on VH1, has a simple message.

“Basically, what it’s saying is no matter what color your skin is, no matter what religion you are, no matter what your sexuality is … we can all party together,” he told MTV.

“And all this other stuff — money, success, fortune, fashion, glam — it’s all great, but it doesn’t mean anything if you’re not connecting.”

Lambert rocks out with spiked shoulder pads as he struts through a forest, followed pan-like by glammed up club dancers.

They are all races, colors, creeds and sexual orientations. No truth to the rumor that Elton John and Rush Limbaugh made cameos, but you can see AI side-kick Allison Iraheta.

The scene turns psychedelic, and ends with a dreamy message. Why can’t we all just get along…. and dance!

Check it out:

  • terie

    ADAM is a GENIUS & A MASTER SHOWMAN (check out his Glam Nation tour) as is evidenced by his videos. TFM .. FYE .. WWFM .. and NOW his latest & BESTEST .. IIHY! I LOVE to WATCH ADAM perform as well as LISTEN to him SING! ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS … NEVER!! I LOVE the message in IIHY video … LOVE .. ACCEPTANCE … FUN!!

  • indigo

    Thank you for your positive article on a such positive artist Adam Lambert. He is a creative genius with loving heart. He is sweet,charming,hard working and loyal person. He has friends from all walks of life and all different race. He loves his friends and family and has thousands of loyal fans who love and support him. He will be iconic because of the person he is and unmatched vocal genius.

  • Leigh

    This beautiful little video is such a welcome respite from all the truly ugly stuff that is thrown at the public each and every day. Some might call it simple in its theme and, yes, it is. But simple does not mean unimportant. Being kind to one another as we’re all in this together is a message that never grows old. Many thanks to Adam Lambert – a magnificent singer – for making a small work of art that reaches into our hearts.

  • indigo

    Adam Lambert’s positivty and honesty is what keeps his fans and others under his spell, MAD VOCALS IS A DELICIOUS CAKE BUT HIS INNER BEAUTY HIS KIND SOUL IS THE FROSTING THAT PEOPLE WANT TO LICK IT UP AT FIRST SITE! I know this doesen’t make sence to some but hay, thats how I feel!!!!!!!!!