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Sultry Sade Soldiers On With New Album (video)

sade aduBritish singer Sade, who redefined sultry love ballads in the 1980s, selling more than 50 million records, is making a comeback more than a decade after her last album.

The sultry singer, born Helen Folasade Adu in Nigeria, released a new single “Soldier of Love,” last week, and a  video for the song is in limited release.

Sade’s comeback album by the same name will be released Feb. 8. It’s her first official studio album since the multi-platinum release of Lovers Rock in 2000. The singer also just celebrated her 51st birthday and reportedly still looks exotically beautiful.

“People forget she is the biggest British female singer in history and she has managed that almost under the radar,” said long-time friend Robert Elms, a BBC radio personality said in a recent interview.

“She never wanted to be famous, just to write and sing good songs. She has exquisite taste and finds celebrity very vulgar,” he added.

Her songs have won three Grammys and a Brit Award, the UK equivalent of the Grammys.

The urge to make music, again, isn’t because she needs the money. Her net worth is estimated to be around $60 million and is regularly fueled by residuals from her previously recorded work.

Early in her career, she wisely negotiated a deal to get a cut of the sales for her songs rather than a big up-front advance, and her music has proved to be timeless. It’s still widely played on the radio.

She reportedly retired because she dreads the media spotlight. She last appeared in public at Buckingham Palace eight years ago to collect an Order of the British Empire award.

She lives mainly in a secluded mansion in the Gloucestershire countryside in England with her new partner, a scientist.

But she also has dwellings in various spots around the world, including an apartment in New York, a luxury apartment and a townhouse in London and a villa in Spain.


While growing up, Sade says she was influenced by artists like Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye, according to her official biography. The singers uniquely attuned to the complex sensibilities of heartache and hope.

She was studying fashion in college, when friends asked her to substitute temporarily as a singer in their band while they looked for a full-time vocalist.

She discovered her true calling and love of songwriting, and joined an ’80s Latin funk band called Pride. She co-wrote “Smooth Operator” with Ray St. John and the song launched her solo career.

She has spent most of the last decade as a full-time mum to 14-year-old daughter Ila, from a relationship with a Jamaican record producer Bob Morgan.

Sade has been working on her latest release for more 17 months, and is putting the final touches on it, according to her Web site.

For her video, she’s working with film director Sophie Muller who has directed music videos for the Eurythmics, Gwen Stefani and Blur among others.

Whether she will tour to support the album is unknown at the moment.

  • Alec

    During her heyday a decade ago, I was a big fan of Sade. It’s great to see her surface again after all these years – especially with music just as sultry and provocative as her earlier music. I’d also like to say that it would be a good idea for her agent to contact Barbara Broccoli. Her song, SOLDIER OF LOVE, would make a great opening song for any James Bond film I can think of (like the next one, perhaps). Not only that, but Sade herself would make an excellent “Bond girl” as well.

  • Billy Gilmore

    I love everything about Sade. She is the best singer ever. I love the way she looks, the way she sings, well, everthing. I play guitar, and my dream is to play with her on No Ordinary Love, and Soldier of Love. I mean what i say. I play with different people, and when i do, those two songs i talked about is a must to play. I too grew up playing Funk, Rythem and Blues, and Rock. Sade, you are the best every. Billy.

  • Billy Gilmore

    This is Billy Gilmore again. I a African American, and have a daughter that is mixed with White/Black/and Japenese. She look a lot like Sade. Sade is one of the most beautiful women on this planet. I will even go as far to say, she is the most beautiful woman on this planet. Billy Gilmore

  • Craig

    I remember her first CD from the mid 80’s. A friend was playing it and though my taste was rock & roll and new wave at the time, I was drawn in by the magic of her voice. Even her first releases are just as enjoyable to listen to today after 20+ years. In this world where so many celebs will do anything to stay in the lime light, she has been nothing but a class act. I hope she will decide to tour as seeing here perform live is on the top of my bucket list.


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