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Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul Bare Claws Over X-Factor Job

Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson, long-time frenemies, are said to be engaged in a bitter snit, again, over Paula’s ouster from Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor.” Janet, it seems, now wants the job.

Like Paula, Jackson’s music career is on the wane. The star is 45 and could use a photo opportunity or a TV show to revive her career, like “American Idol” has done for Jennifer Lopez. Or, at least give her a steady paycheck.

The two have been on-off friends for years, but Paula was reportedly infuriated when Janet jumped a little too quickly for her X-Factor job, according to The National Enquirer.

Paula may have been harboring thoughts about renegotiating her deal. But having Janet in the wings would definitely strengthen Simon’s hand, or even rule out any discussions.

“Janet would give her eyeteeth to get hired by Simon Cowell, and she’s rumored to have been in discussions with ‘X Factor’ producers for weeks,” a  source told the paper.

Abdul, 49, announced earlier this year she would not be returning as a judge for the second season of the FOX show. She said at the time she understood the decision, but actually was “very, very angry” about getting the boot, the tabloid said.

Apparently bad blood between the two goes back almost 30 years to Jackie Jackson’s very messy divorce in 1983. Janet reportedly accused Paula of dating her still-married brother. At the time, Abdul was still a relatively unknown Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader.

“Janet felt responsible because it was through their friendship that Paula got to know Jackie,” explained the source. “Things got murkier because there were rumors that Paula was dating some of the Lakers players behind Jackie’s back.


    “Or at least give her a steady paycheck.” what the hell would Janet Jackson need with a steady pay check when she is worth over 300 million dollars,has homes in LA,NY,CA,MIA,and ATL, and she is dating a Billionaire.Also you can’t even compare Paula’s career to Janet’s because Janet just got off a sold out world tour,a number one New York times best selling book,Successful endorsements with Black Glama and Nutrisystem.Janet is also a successful actress starring in blockbuster films.Paula’s music career faded in the 90 while Janet has been on top of the music world for 4 decades with 1# songs in the 80’s,90’s,00’s please whoever wrote this shitty article please do their research next time they decided to post garbage rumors from NE.

  • Sloppy and inaccurate

    Thank you JanetFan!

    Do you not have to proof read, spell or fact check these days? This article sounds like it was written by a minor who over heard adults gossiping about a couple of celebrities. Don’t ever compare Janet to a money hungry star like JLO. Photo opp? Please. She was just on Anderson Cooper and Jay Leno. Get a grip. Ever heard of royalties and residuals. Good Times and Diff’rent Strokes STILL air. The only one that should be worried about a steady paycheck is YOU! I know to add this site as one of the ones NOT to visit.

  • Janet4Ever

    this is horrible gossip!!!! Janet doesnt need a steady paycheck. She is still one of the richest female entertainers. She earned 99% of her money from music. She doesnt have to endorse multiple products, do countless movies, or a TV show, etc etc for a source of income.

    I agree with JanetFan. Paula’s music career lasted all of 5 years if that. She couldnt sell out a movie theatre if she tried. Janet is legendary!

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