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Katy Perry Hilariously Inept Doing Australian Weather Report (watch!)

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Katy Perry tries her hand at reporting the weather in Sydney, Australia. She found out it's harder than it looks.

Katy Perry tries her hand at reporting the weather in Sydney, Australia. She found out it’s harder than it looks.

Singer Katy Perry hilariously butchered presenting the morning weather report during a segment on Australia’s “7 Sunrise” television news broadcast. Is she really this dumb? Or was it a put-on?

Perry, 29, was in Sydney Wednesday (Mar. 5) to promote her upcoming “Prismatic” world tour, and that included obligatory drop-ins at local TV stations.

Hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch introduced the singer as “Auntie Katy Perry,” because of the birth of her sister’s child “in her living room about five days ago,” Perry, who was present, chimed in.

She said she filmed the birth “Scorsese-style.”

Her comment produced some guffaws, then Koch asked Perry to do the weather, as well.

“Oh yeah, because I have this nifty wand that all weather reporters use,” she replied. Katy made her first mistake right off the bat by turning her back to the camera, something weather presenters never do.

It went downhill from there. Katy mispronounced the names of several cities.

“Morning showers for Melbourne, with possible storms and a top [termperature] of 23…,” she said before shrieking, “23! That’s really cold ya’ll!”

Actually it isn’t. Australia uses the Celsius temperature scale and 23 degrees equals about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which Katy, being American, is used to. It’s currently summer down under.

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