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Justin Bieber Blows Deposition Six Different Ways in Lawsuit (watch!)

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Justin Bieber was too cool for school during a legal deposition in a lawsuit filed by a paparazzi.

Justin Bieber was too cool for school during a legal deposition in a lawsuit filed by a paparazzi. (Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber fell into nearly every legal trap set by an opposing attorney during nearly five hours of questioning as part of a legal deposition in a civil assault case filed by a photographer in Miami.

The paparazzo claims he was roughed up by the singer and his bodyguard during a confrontation in Florida.

Legal depositions are required as part of what’s known in civil suits as “pre-trial discovery.” The idea is allow the opposing sides to ask questions about the incident in dispute.

But as a practical matter, lawyers use them for much more than that. They ask questions to draw out a defendant’s demeanor and to test their reactions to various subjects, looking for hot buttons that could set them off during a trial.

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Judging from the video, posted on gossip site TMZ, Justin gave lawyer Mark DiCowden, who represents paparazzo plaintiff Jeffery Binion plenty of ammunition for a trial.

It’s important for Binion’s case to portray Justin as hot-headed, short-tempered and impertinent, and that’s exactly how he came across in the deposition.

Justin was also disrespectful and prone to acting out in anger.

It won’t be hard for a jury to believe Binion’s allegation that Bieber was irrational and flew off the handle while he was taking photos. He alleges that Bieber and his bodyguard assaulted him trying to wrestle away the memory card from his camera.

It’s also clear from the video that Bieber’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, is not in control of his client. That suggests that the pop-singer is a loose-cannon who is liable to say or do anything in a courtroom.

No matter how pious he acts if they case goes to trial, a jury will only have to look at the deposition video to be reminded about Bieber’s true character.

Of course, you can bet if it were up to Weitzman, a jury would never hear this case. The fact that Bieber took time out of his busy schedule to fly to Miami and sit for five hours of questioning clearly suggests he’s the one pushing it forward.

Big mistake, especially now that he’s provided so much ammo to the opposition. If Weitzman doesn’t convince Bieber to settle, then he has a fool for a client.

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