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Malaysia Airlines Mystery Gives Rise to Bizarre Theories (video)

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A Malaysia Airlines jet like the one that disappeared (top) and a U.S. Navy helicopter which is assisting in the search.

A Malaysia Airlines jet like the one that disappeared (top) and a U.S. Navy helicopter which is assisting in the search. (Photos: Getty)

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished without a trace three days ago, giving rise to alternative theories about what happened, including bizarre paranormal activity, extraterrestrial involvement and super-sophisticated electronic warfare.

At the moment, one theory is as good as the next to explain the plane’s disappearance.

The Boeing 777 jetliner vanished with 239 passengers and crew after taking off around midnight from Kuala Lumpur on Friday (Mar 7).

But so far, after three days, no trace of the plane has been found.

Even if the plane crashed into the sea, as widely thought, a widespread debris field would be left on the surface from the plane’s impact with the ocean.

As a result, the mystery has given rise to eerie explanations, such as that the plane encountered an area similar to the Bermuda Triangle, off the coast of the United States.

A number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the North Atlantic region, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. Officially, however, Naval authorities refused to recognize the region.

Compounding the mystery of Flight MH370 is the fact that relatives of passengers have reported that their love ones’ cell phones ring when they are called. To do that, the phons would have to be activated and near a cell phone tower, according to experts.

That suggests the plane was hijacked and has landed near a populated area. But no demands have surfaced from hijackers, nor have any passengers been identified as potential suspects.

Another theory holds that the plane was the victim of high-tech electronic warfare. It was somehow “cloaked” to make it disappear from radar and prevent it from broadcasting radio signals.

Supporting that theory is the fact that 20 passengers on the plane are experts in electronic warfare, according to published reports

Among the more grounded theories is the possibility that a powerful bomb exploded on the plane scattering its debris over remote jungle. But no group has claimed credit for such an attack.

The plane could also have suddenly lost pressure, knocking out the passengers and crew. If the plane were on auto pilot it could fly for hours before crashing well beyond the current search area.

In 1999, pro-golfer Payne Stewart’s private plane suffered a loss of cabin pressure. All on board, including the pilots, died of hypoxia. Yet the plane flew for several hours on autopilot before crashing.

Commercial pilots, however, are trained to deal with rapid loss of cabin pressure.

Another grisly theory holds that one or both of the pilots committed suicide by switching off all communications gear and crashing the plane.

Until more evidence, or the plane is discovered, anything is possible.


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