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Brittany Murphy Featured in New Something Wicked Trailer (watch!)

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Brittany Murphy stars in horror film 'Something Wicked, shot four months before she died in 2009.

Brittany Murphy stars in horror film ‘Something Wicked, shot six months before she died in 2009.

Brittany Murphy spent the last months of her life filming horror picture “Something Wicked,” hoping the film would help turn around her career. A new trailer, released today (Apr. 2), shows she might have been on track.

Murphy, 32, was found dead in the bathroom of her Los Angeles home, the victim of apparent cardiac arrest after complaining of flu-like symptoms for several days.

She’d shot “Something Wicked” with Shantel VanSanten, Julian Morris, John Robinson and James Patrick Stuart between April and June, roughly six months before she died in December 2009.

Murphy plays Susan, a psychiatrist who is treating Christine, a survivor, along with her boyfriend, of a tragic car accident that kills her parents.

Christine learns that she is being stalked by a psychologically deranged man who will stop at nothing, including murder, to be with her.

“I would describe Brittany’s performance as the most chilling performance of her career,” writer-producer Joe Colleran told People.

The film will open in limited release this Friday (Apr. 4) at one theater in Eugene, Oregon where it was shot. It will roll out to 19 other theaters over the course of the month. ,

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