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Amy Poehler Fires Off One-Liners Furiously in Old Navy Clip (watch!)

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Amy Poehler ad-libs her butt off on a series of outtakes for Old Navy. She's hilarious.

Amy Poehler ad-libs her butt off on a series of outtakes for Old Navy. She’s hilarious. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Amy Poehler makes flacking for a clothing brand fun for everyone on the set. Old Navy released outtakes from a recent commercial shoot, showing Amy ad-libbing and mugging in a series of quick-takes for the cameras.

Amy signed on with the brand with the proviso that she would help write and direct the spots.

The first commercial aired during “American Idol,” on Fox last month.

Poehler plays a law firm executive who is interviewing a job candidate. But her attention quickly drifts to the Old Navy clothes worn by the hapless candidate. Humor ensues, check it out here.

In the latest clip, Amy is playing a fast-food counter girl and fixates on a dress worn by one of her customers, who is flanked by two children. She can’t believe it only cost $10 at, where else, Old Navy.

She blitzes through a series of improvisations, including leading a mass walkout and a scene where she tries to buy the dress from the customer.

Check out the clip below; it’s hilarious and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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