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New Republican Party Drops in on Coachella in SNL Open (watch!)

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Girl Talk invades the Cochella stage to introduce the 'new' Republican Party. Say What?

Girl Talk invades the Coachella stage to introduce the ‘new’ Republican Party. Say What?

The girls of Saturday Night Live’s “Girl Talk” took the stage at Cochella to introduce the “new” Republican Party to throngs of screaming music fans during the show’s cold open. But even they couldn’t make the GOP look funny.

Two Republican leaders, Rep. Paul Ryan and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (Beck Bennett and Taran Killam) went through the motions to appeal to Coachella’s hipsters.

But somehow it sounded just like the same old Republican party, despite their attempt at talking hipster talk. Would you believe “homeslice.”

Nasim Pedrad and Brooks Wheelan popped into the sketch, but the cold open really never heated up.

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