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Justin Bieber World’s Biggest Loser: His Security Video Nails Him Egging

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Justin Bieber is pictured top in a photo he posted on Instagram and below he's caught on surveillance video wearing the same hat and sweatshirt.

Justin Bieber is pictured (top) in a photo he posted on Instagram and below he’s caught on his own surveillance video wearing the same hat and sweatshirt at the time of the egging.

Justin Bieber was so egg-cited about allegedly pelting his Calabasas, Calif., neighbor’s house with eggs, he forgot to realize his own security cameras were catching much of the action live as it happened.

The surveillance video is now in the hands of the police. Portions of it aired last night on a local Fox news channel in Los Angeles.

It clearly shows Bieber outside his house with friends, laughing, high-fiving and running over to his neighbor’s house at the exact time the vandalism took place.

The incident unfolded on Jan. 9 when the neighbor reported to police that he saw Bieber throwing eggs at his house. He said Bieber also threw eggs at him when he confronted the singer.

The neighbor said his 13-year-old daughter was terrorized by the incident. The homeowner reported to police that Bieber did $20,000 in damages to expensive Venetian plaster and imported wood doors.

Local Fox affiliate KTTV first aired images from the surveillance video Thursday night (Apr. 24). (See below)

In a police affidavit cited by the station, Detective Ginni Alvarez noted that she could see a white male who resembled Bieber run from the direction of the victim’s house.

“Several other males emerged from Suspect Bieber’s garage door and a black SUV which backed into Suspect Bieber’s driveway,” the document states.

The white male, identified as “suspect Bieber” was seen running back to the victim’s house and returning to his driveway. “Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating,” the officer noted.

To make matters worse, Bieber was wearing a sweatshirt and hat at the time of the incident that was identical to a shirt and hat he was wearing in a photo he posted on his Instagram account.

The sweatshirt was accurately identified by the victim, according to police.

Bieber has yet to be charged in the incident.

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