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Justin Bieber Playin’ Gangsta’ Or Nursing Codeine Addiction? (listen!)

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Justin Bieber is glorifying sizzurp in a new song. The concoction is made from codeine laced cough syrup.

Justin Bieber is glorifying sizzurp in a new song. The concoction is made from codeine laced cough syrup.

Justin Bieber seems to be dealing with a serious codeine addiction from drinking too much cough syrup, known by the street name sizzurp. So much so, he’s now singing about it.

Bieber has released two new songs under the pseudonym, Sir Bizzle.

His tune “We Were Born for This,” is laced with sizzurp references.

He posted the song on Soundcloud, but deleted the audio track today as criticism mounted.

The troubled 20-year-old singer seems obsessed with the concoction. Whether he’s just posing, or has a real addiction is unknown.

But if he’s downing the stuff regularly, he’s more than likely addicted and facing potentially serious liver and kidney damage.

Sizzurp is a drug of choice among hard-core rappers. When rapper Lil’ Wayne suffered seizures and was rushed to the hospital in March a year ago, doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.

Wanye’s stomach was pumped three times to flush the drug, according to gossip site TMZ.

Lil Wayne pal Soulja Boy touched off an uproar about the same time, after posting party photos online that showed a table filled with fried chicken, plenty of booze and bottles of the prescription-only cough syrup used to make sizzurp.

Bieber has also been photographed sipping from a “double cup.”

The concoction is dangerous, not so much from the high it causes, a mild state of euphoria–if you can stay awake–but because the cough syrup favored by rappers is loaded with acetaminophen.

The pain-killer can cause serious liver and kidney damage if alcohol is consumed at the same time it’s taken.

That fact that he’s singing about it in his new songs definitely sends the wrong signal to his fans. Codeine is also highly addictive.

Pharmaceutical company, Actavis, which makes the “Prometh” brand cough syrup favored by rappers, announced last week it was halting production and sales of the product because it is being widely abused.

Check out the lyrics and check out the song below. Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music news.

but the boys and the girls
they don’t know
what love is like
love is like appreciation
mixed in a double cup of sprite

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