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Rihanna Finally Totally Strips for French Mag, Ooo, La, La! (photos)

Rihanna has ramped up her sexuality in recent magazine shoots and goes all the way in French magazine Lui

Rihanna has ramped up her sexuality in recent magazine shoots and goes all the way in French magazine Lui

Rihanna has never been shy about her sexuality; she’s teased and teased in countless magazine spreads and selfies. But this time she goes all the way in French magazine Lui. She’s totally topless in full frontal poses.

The Barbadian singer had cornered the market in provocative poses until Miley Cyrus unleashed her own libido last year in the name of women’s empowerment.

Rihanna Sizzles, Topless to a Hot Brazilian Beat in Vogue (5 photos!)

Miley stole Rihanna’s thunder, appearing totally topless in photos as well as teasing in the nude for her “Wreckless” music video.

Now Rihanna seems determined to regain her crown. She covers the Brazilian edition of Vogue magazine and appears in a sizzling photo spread semi-topless. She’s strategically covered in most of the photos.

Rihanna Bares All And Loves It! (Click Photos to See Them on EssCurve!)

But her turn in Lui is full on topless. She shared the photos on her Instagram account with the caption: “LUI. there was 1 rule to this shoot…TAN LINES!!!!”

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After producing an album a year since 2005, Rihanna took a break after her 2012 album “Unapologetic.” She kicked back last year on the music front, but has been busy with fashion.

In January, Rihanna began work on her eighth studio album, with producers such as DJ Mustard, David Guetta and Nicky Romero, according to various reports.

DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg, also announced a month later that Rihanna will release a “concept” based around the upcoming 3D animated film “Home.”

She’ll star in the film with Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez, which should be interesting since it’s based on a childrens’ book, and Rihanna is… well, X-rated.

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Just check out her photos. Unfortunately, they’re too risque to publish on this site but you can see them by clicking here.

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