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Robert Pattinson Linked to Blonde; Is It Real Thing This Time?

Robert Pattinson has been linked to yet another blonde by sketchy tabloid Web sites. Our source says  they are just friends.

Robert Pattinson has been linked to yet another blonde by sketchy tabloid Web sites. Our source says they are just friends. (Photo:Getty)

Robert Pattinson has been linked with yet another blonde woman by tabloid reports that claim this is the real thing. But don’t hold your breath. Despite the breathy reports, there is no solid evidence that Rob is dating again.

The rumors were touched off when Rob was spotted partying with a woman identified as Imogen Ker.

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The 22-year-old has been described as a model although she has no known portfolio and she looks too curvy to walk fashion runways. But that hasn’t stopped the usual sketchy tabloids from proclaiming them an item.

UsWeekly claimed they were seen holding hands, and HollywoodLife trumpeted in that they were spotted along at “one of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles.”

Robert Pattinson: Raw, Contemplative, Sexual
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A number of copy-cat sites have regurgitated the reports, giving them some temporary credence. But there is no evidence the two are dating.

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They are just friends who share mutual acquaintances, according to our source. E! News also shot down HollywoodLife’s bogus report. Rob and Imogen were at the Little Door restaurant with friends, including Dakota Fanning.

Fanning, who is close friends with Ker, reportedly introduced her to Rob. Incidentally, Fanning and Ker are both good friends with Kristen Stewart.

Fanning knows both Rob and Kristen from the time they spent together filming the “Twilight” movies. Dakota also starred with Kristen in “The Runaways.”

Since breaking up with Stewart in the summer of 2012, the tabloids have run amok printing rumors about Rob’s “new girlfriend.”

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Ironically, most have been blondes even though the only woman he’s known to have actually dated, Kristen, is dark haired.

He’s been liked to co-stars Sarah Gadon (“Cosmopolis”), Emilie de Ravin (“Remember Me”) and French model Camille Rowe (Dior ads). He was also linked to Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean Penn.

The reports were all false.

During the Coachella Music Festival, he was even linked by tabloids to Katy Perry, despite repeated assurances by her that they are just friends.

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For fans hoping for a reunion with Stewart, that hasn’t happened yet either. But who knows? They will both be at the Cannes Film Festival this month to promote new films.

One thing is certain, the cheap-seat tabloids will definitely have them linking up.

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