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Justin Bieber Racist Past Comes Back to Haunt Him in Video (watch!)

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Justin Bieber clowns around with pal Lil Za, aka Xavier Dominique Smith, in an Instagram photo.

Justin Bieber clowns around with pal Lil Za, aka Xavier Dominique Smith, in an Instagram photo.

Justin Bieber likes to pal around with rappers, but as a teen he wasn’t above telling racist jokes and now one of them has come back to haunt him in a three-year-old video. He repeatedly uses the n-word.

The video was reportedly shot when Bieber was 17 and filming his 2011 documentary “Never Say Never.”

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It’s apparently been floating around for some time.

Gossip site TMZ claims it had a copy of the clip four years ago, but chose not to run it, the site says, if you can believe that.

But British tabloid The Sun finally published it over the weekend on its paid subscription Web site.

The video is all the more disturbing because Bieber knew he was on camera and was urged repeatedly by someone out of view to stop telling the joke.

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In the scene, the teen idol mischievously begins: “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?”

“Don’t even say it,” says a voice off-screen

“Don’t….” the voice pleads.

But Justin laughingly bursts out the punchline: “Run ni*ga, nig*a, nig*a, nig*a, nig*a,” mimicking the sound of a chainsaw motor.

The joke plays off the racial violence perpetrated against African-Americans during the Jim Crow era in the United States.

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Bieber was reportedly regretful for telling the joke back then, and even more so now, according to TMZ. He has yet to make a statement.

The 2o-year-old singer has morphed from a fresh-faced teen idol into a more hardened looking singer with a full complement of tattoos and a stable of black friends.

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