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Robert Pattinson Gets Roughed Up in Brutal New Rover Clip (Watch!)

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Robert Pattinson gets a beatdown in a new Rover clip.

Robert Pattinson gets a beatdown in a new Rover clip.

Robert Pattinson doesn’t have his Edward Cullen vampire powers to protect him in a new clip for his upcoming movie “The Rover.” He gets roughed up pretty bad by co-star Guy Pearce in a brutal scene.

The 27-second clip is meant for overseas audiences. It’s subtitled in French.

But the action is no less dramatic. The scene unfolds shortly after Rob’s character Rey is left for dead following a shootout and the robbery of Pearce’s character, a drifter named Eric.

He’s a violent and bitter former Australian soldier, who had lost his farm and family. His last possessions, including his car are stolen by a gang and he desperately wants them back.

He enlists Rey, who is wounded. to help him. Eric demands to know where Rey’s brother, also a gang-member, is hiding out, and doesn’t mind using some violent persuasion to get the info.

The film screened at the Cannes International Film Festival and Rob has earned some glowing reviews.

Check out the clip below and hold onto your seats. The Golden Boy doesn’t look so golden.

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