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Robert Pattinson High Spirited, or High at Rover Premiere? (photos!)

Robert Pattinson was in a jovial mood at the premiere of his new film 'The Rover' in Sydney, Australia.

Robert Pattinson was in a jovial mood at the premiere of his new film ‘The Rover’ in Sydney, Australia.

Robert Pattinson was in good spirits for the premiere of his new film “The Rover” in Sydney, Australia. He clowned for he cameras in several poses and couldn’t seem to keep from smiling.

He appeared on the red carpet at the Sydney Film Festival with co-star Guy Pearce and Director David Michod.

Rob was suited up for the premiere. He was wearing a dark suit with a skinny black tie and white shirt. It was a contrast to his attire during his photo call.

On Friday, he dressed casually for photos, wearing gold-colored pants, a white tee-shirt and a waist-length jacket.

Robert Pattinson High Spirited, Or Just High? (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Pattinson, who turned 28 earlier this month, spent two months in the harsh Australian outback filming the movie. During a Q&A session he joked about waking up with “700 flies in the immediate vicinity.”

Much of the flim was shot in the tiny town of Hammond in South Australia, which apparently was populated by eccentric characters.

“I also met this bar man who told me he was part of Anonymous and on the run from M16. And then there was the extra who claimed he assassinated (John F) Kennedy in 1967,” he revealed.

Michod revealed the Pattinson ate nothing but “white bread and barbecue sauce for weeks” while filming to maintain his gaunt look for the picture.

Check out Rob’s latest photos. He’s apparently recovered and in great spirits. He maybe buoyed by reports that he could take on the role of Indiana Jones in a reboot of the series.

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