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Selena Gomez Back to Bad Girl, Sexy Terry Richardson Pics Surface

Selena Gomez poses for controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

Selena Gomez poses for controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

Selena Gomez has now fallen under the influence of alleged sex pervert Terry Richardson, after reuniting with the most toxic influence in her life of all, Justin Bieber.

She posed for a series of sexy photos with Anderson that might upset her girlfriends.

Richardson has become a lightning rod ever since a model claimed he offered to place her in a Vogue photo shoot in exchange for sex. Other models have since come forward with similarly creepy stories.

Selena Gomez Backslides to Bad Girl
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But Richardson has strongly denied the allegations, and the Gomez photos, which have gone viral, seem to suggest he’s still trusted by top celebrities.

In any event, only a few short weeks ago Selena seemed determined to rid her life of toxic influences–until the most toxic of all, Bieber, resurfaced.

Her lost week with Bieber ended with cops raiding her house.

Gomez had partied with Bieber the day before, and the scene apparently shifted to her house Tuesday night (Jun 17).

Selena posted a photo on Instagram Wednesday (June 18), showing a quaint gathering. She captioned the photo, “tacos, live music and candles ☺️ such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

But angry neighbors called police around midnight to complain about the noise. They said it was so ear-shattering the windows of her house were rattling, according to gossip site TMZ.

The cops reportedly let her off with a stern warning. The news upset her disenfranchised parents, who allegedly blamed Bieber for her backsliding.

Selena’s photos are far from Richardson’s usual shocking fare, but just the fact that Selena posed for him was enough to raise eyebrows about her judgment.

Still, Terry is innocent until proven guilty so… check out her photos, let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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