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Selena Gomez Gets a Little Too Risque: Nip Slips at Party (Photo!)

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Selena Gomez and girlfriends got a little to close during a photo and out popped Selena's nipple. (Photo: Selena Gomez/Instagram)

Selena Gomez and girlfriends got a little to close during a photo and out popped Selena’s nipple. (Photo: Selena Gomez/Instagram)

Selena Gomez has learned the hard way that there’s a downside to sexy clothing. While partying with girlfriends, they squeezed together for a photo and out popped Selena’s nipple.

The photo was posted on Selena’s Instagram account today (July 10) along with another party shot.

Click Here to See Selena’s Risque Party Photo! (nsfw)

Selena has been ramping up her sexuality lately, apparently as part of an image makeover, now that she has freed herself from her parents’ management.

She’s taken things into her own hands since turning 21, and has blossoming sexually, while trying to create a more mature image.

The nip slip is pretty obvious. The fact that it was posted on her Instagram account and remains up, seems to suggest she’s not bothered by it.

Earlier in the day, Selena was photographed wearing a tight-fitting top without a bra as she walked down a New York City street.

But she seemed to declare her sexual liberation with a photo she posted in March. It showed the former Disney teen star totally nude in what looks like an ecstatic dance move.

Her feet are off the ground and her hands are above her head as if she’s about to pirouette.

Shortly after that, she fired her parents, who had been managing her career.

Given the level of nudity involving such contemporaries as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, a nip slip isn’t all that big of a deal.

But seeing that it’s Selena, it marks another point in the evolution of her career.

The photo is a little too risque for this site, but you can see it at EssCurve.

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