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Selena Gomez Jumps Into Mideast Conflict: Plea for Gaza Angers Jews

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Selena Gomez is an ambassador for UNICEF and often publicizes the plight of impoverished children. But politics isn't her strong suit.

Selena Gomez is an ambassador for UNICEF and often publicizes the plight of impoverished children. But politics isn’t her strong suit.

Selena Gomez has about as much political sense as Kim Kardashian. She posted an Instagram photo urging her fans to “pray for Gaza,” apparently without realizing the political implications of the message.

Selena was surely trying to play the humanitarian. The photo also read “It’s About Humanity.”

“Please pray for those families and babies today. Please always remember what’s important in life,” she wrote.

Israel is currently conducting military operations on the ground to push Hamas missile launchers out of populated areas and away from the border.

What Selena failed to realize is the role radical West Bank group Hamas has played in the conflict. It has been indiscriminately firing rockets into populated areas of Israel.

In an effort to prevent Israel from retaliating, it’s placed rocket launchers in populated areas of the West Bank, including near hospitals and schools and in family homes.

And, it’s been ordering families, including children to stay in the houses, in effect using them as human shields.

When Israel conducts retaliatory raids against missile launchers and civilians are injured, Hamas makes a propaganda issue out of it.

When it comes to politics, many celebrities who speak out are clueless about the complexities of most situations.

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian voicing support for “Palestine,” or George Clooney supporting neo-fascist groups in the Ukraine, the end result is often embarrassment.

Gomez is an honorary ambassador for UNICEF, the United Nations agency, and visited Nepal in May to publicize the plight of impoverished children.

It’s commendable for her to make a humanitarian appeal, but to just include Gaza without mentioning the devastation caused in Israel is a political faux pas at best.

Jewish groups and supporters of Israel are understandably riled by her actions.

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