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Kanye West Bad to the Bone as New GQ Magazine Cover Boy (see!)

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Kayne West covers the new issue of GQ magazine and has an opinion on just about everything.

Kayne West covers the new issue of GQ magazine and has an opinion on just about everything.

Kanye West strikes a menacing pose on the cover of GQ magazine’s latest issue and appears to have an opinion on just about everything, including how to “dress like a God.” Which can’t be that hard if you have his dough.

Fashion has been a bugaboo for West.

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He wants to be a style master and have a major influence on fashion. But the major houses have rejected his offers for advice, much to his frustration.

If he’s trying to make an impression on the fashion industry, you’d think he would have worn something more fashionable than a rumpled looking cashmere jacket, a white vee-neck tee-shirt and leather pants.

But, hey, it’s Kanye, and if it’s on his back, it must be fashionable.

Judging from the magazine’s coverline, Kayne is going to talk about “how to grow up, survive a wedding (presumably his) stay outrageous and live like a god.”

The issue is all about grabbing peoples’ attention. It’s titled “The Bold Look,” so Kanye seems to fit the bill there.

As for the growing up part, the rapper recently got high marks from a Los Angeles court for his anger management classes and community service performance. (No Chris Brown here). So maybe he has grown up.

West has been in Europe on his Yeezus tour. New wifie Kim Kardashian was all a twitter over the cover.

She posted a photo of it on her Instagram page. “So sexy! My husband on the cover of GQ shot by Patrick Demarchelier!!!” she wrote.

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