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Miley Cyrus Adds Booty to Pharrell’s New ‘Come Get It Bae’ Video (see it!)

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Pharrell and Miley Cyrus show off their moves on Pharrell's new 'Come Get It Bae' video. (Photo: YouTube)

Pharrell and Miley Cyrus show off their moves on Pharrell’s new ‘Come Get It Bae’ video. (Photo: YouTube)

Miley Cyrus (still not dead) does some booty shaking in skimpy shorts and a crop-top on Pharrell Williams’ new “Come Get It Bae” video. And, she’s in good company.

The video features about two dozen female dancers who are shaking and baking their stuff as Pharrell videotapes them.

The scene is a dance studio with floor-to-ceiling windows in what looks like Jersey City. The Manhattan skyline is visible in the distance.

The girls could be auditioning for spots as a backup dancers and go all out shaking, shimming and twerking.

Miley pops into the 3:28 video at around 2:09 to sing a chorus and show off a few of her dance moves.

She’s wearing super-short Daisy Dukes, a jacket and a midriff-baring white crop top. Her hair is tied in a bun on the top of her head.

The song is from Williams’ sophomore studio album Girl. It was released in May to middling reviews. It’s a catchy funk dance tune.

If you’re looking to polish your own act in the clubs, check out the dance moves from what are obviously professional dancers.

Cyrus not only sings the chorus, but that’s her shouting “Hey!” throughout the song.

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