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Juliette Binoche on Kristen Stewart: I Didn’t Know Who She Was (pics!)

Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart show a special kind of love in their new movie Clouds of Sils Maria.

Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart show a special kind of love in their new movie Clouds of Sils Maria.

Kristen Stewart teams up with Juliette Binoche in their new film “Clouds of Sils Maria,” but the French actress reveals that she had to look up Kristen online to find out who she was before they started filming.

In the movie, Binoche shares a close relationship with Stewart.

The “Twilight” actress plays Valentine, a loyal assistant to Maria Enders (Binoche), an aging actress with a long successful acting career.

Maria is asked to reprise a film that marked her breakout role as a young actress. Except a new actress Jo-Ann Ellis, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, gets the part of the young girl and Maria must play the older woman.

The three women become involved in an intense dynamic, triggering a mid-life crisis for Maria, who flees with her assistant to the resort town of Sils Maria in Switzerland.

Juiette Binoche, Kristen Stewart Share Passion (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Binoche, 50, who has appeared in more than 40 films, mostly in Europe, to worldwide acclaim, reveals in the German edition of Interview magazine, that Kristen was a mystery to her.

“Of course I Googled you,” Juliette told the young starlet. “Why? I needed to know whom I am supposed to meet and play with. I did watch some interviews of yours and instantly decided that I like you.”

Whew! Given their intense scenes in the film, that’s good news.

“I also watched “On The Road” and skipped “Twilight.”

Say what? Well, at least her daughters knew who Kristen was.

“I have to admit that the first time I ever saw you was on my daughters walls,” Binoche told the magazine. “I remember walking into her room thinking: So what the hell is this about?”

Juliette an Kristen poses for photographers Driu Crilly and Tiago Martel. Omaima Salem handled styling.

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