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Nick Cannon’s Workaholic Life Drove Wedge in Marriage to Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were photographed together in January at the Screen Actors Guild Awards at at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were photographed together in January at the Screen Actors Guild Awards at at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Nick Cannon’s workaholic lifestyle reportedly helped drive a wedge in his marriage to Mariah Carey that ultimately led to their split, according to a source. The couple has been on the rocks for sometime and split a few months ago.

Carey was often left at home alone in New York City while Cannon worked at several different jobs and spent time on the West Coast.

Mariah Carey Emergency: Husband Nick in Hospital

Coupled with her own schedule, they rarely saw each other.

Nick was determined to be successful in his own right and didn’t want to be known as Mr. Mariah Carey, the source said.

Cannon, 33, was hospitalized suddenly in extreme pain in January 2012 after a rare condition, known as Lupus Nephritis, flared and almost cause him to go into kidney failure. Blood clots were also discovered in his lungs.

Nick Cannon Illness Sheds Light on Immune Disease

The condition is related to Lupus and is thought to be genetic, although in his case, the autoimmune disease only attacks his kidneys. Stress is one of the triggers that can cause a flare up.

At the time, Cannon was working three jobs; his New York City radio show “Rollin’ with Nick Cannon,” reality television show “America’s Got Talent,” and another syndicated radio show “Cannon’s Countdown.”

And that’s on top of his own recording career. In his official bio, he bills himself as actor, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer and radio and television personality. Talk about multitasking.

Nick Cannon in White-Face? Wait… Isn’t this Racist? (video!)

Doctors cautioned him at the time of his illness that he was not sleeping enough and ignoring his health.

“America’s Got Talent,” alone takes him to several cities where auditions are held. The show also spends time taping in Las Vegas before returning to New York City for live shows.

He has seven events he’s scheduled to attend or host on the West Coast between this month and the end of the year and four more in the New York City area, according to his Web site.

This past March, Cannon dressed up as a white man to promote his new album White People Party Music and posted videos on Instagram of himself doing street interviews in white-face. They’ve since been removed.

Mariah Carey Sings for Angolan Dictator; Rights Groups Outraged

Meanwhile, Carey spent much of her time at home alone and reportedly developed a drinking problem out of loneliness, the source said.

Since the breakup, a source told gossip site radaronline that the 45-year-old singer has developed an alcohol dependency and is depressed.

Carey and Cannon have been married for six years and are the parents of three-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Adding to Mariah’s stress is her upcoming “The Elusive Chanteuse Tour,” which kicks off in Japan in October. The show is Carey’s first major world tour since 2006.

Mariah has been busy rehearsing and posted Instagram photos of herself this week working on various numbers.

Meanwhile, reports claim the couple’s impending divorce is getting ugly amid custody disagreements and alimony issues.

Nick signed a prenuptial agreement when they married in 2008. Carey’s net worth is reportedly more than $500 million.

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