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Kristen Stewart Faces Conflicting Emotions in New Camp X-Ray Trailer

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Kristen Stewart keeps her eyes forward as Amy Cole, a soldier guarding prisoners at Camp X-Ray.

Kristen Stewart keeps her eyes forward as Amy Cole, a soldier guarding prisoners at Camp X-Ray.

Kristen Stewart’s character Amy Cole joined the Army because she wanted to do some good. But in a new trailer for “Camp X-Ray,” she learns the hard way that the line between good and evil is often blurred and human emotions are often the reason.

Stewart’s character learns right off the bat that a temporary detention facility for Islamic terrorists at the Guantanamo Bay is a mind game.

She’s told that the inmates are “detainees,” and should not be called “prisoners.” She learns quickly that prisoners of war are protected by the Geneva Convention, while detainees have no such safeguards.

Although Camp X-Ray is supposed to be a temporary facility, some of the “detainees,” have been held there for more than six years and have little hope of getting out.

“Some of you might think you are here to prevent them from leaving,” says the nasty sergeant. “You are not; you are here to prevent them from dying.”

In the face of those contradictions, Cole begins to develop an affinity for one of the inmates, played by the very capable Peyman Moaadi. He plays Amir Ali, a suspected terrorist who is well educated and empathetic.

The film showcases Stewart unlike any of her previous roles and for the most part the reviews have been positive.

“Camp X-Ray” was written and helmed by Peter Sattler, in his directorial debut. It screened at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where the picture, unlike Stewart, received mixed reviews among the 11 critics who saw it.

It has a positive rating (68 percent) on rottentomatoes, which tracks reviews.

“Camp X-Ray” opens on pay per view and in theaters, Oct. 17.

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