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Emma Stone Tests Her Skills at Art of Lying on Fallon; She Stinks! (Watch!)

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Emma Stone stopped by the Tonight Show last night-- that's no lie. Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images)

Emma Stone stopped by the Tonight Show last night– that’s no lie. Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images)

Emma Stone knew her debut as a “Box of Lies” contender on the “Tonight Show” would be disastrous, but even she didn’t realize how bad she would be at making up stories on the spot — or spotting lies.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has put a number of celebrities to the test, from Kate Hudson to Jennifer Lawrence.

No one apparently likes to admit they’re a good liar, but in Emma’s case, her claims seem to be more than just posturing.

The game is played this way: Contestants sit on opposite sides of a wall with a window. They choose a box and examine the contents out of sight of the other person.

Then, they either accurately describe the contents or make up a story on the spot about what’s inside. The other contestant must guess whether the description is accurate or a lie.

Simple enough? Not according to Emma.

“I am a terrible liar, so this is a bad game for me,” she informed Fallon before the game began.

“I’m really gonna be bad at this game!” she exclaimed as she picked her first box.

Inside was a DVD of the hit movie “Frozen.” The catch: It was frozen in a block of ice.

You gotta hear the lie she told to try to trick Jimmy. Of course, he’s an expert at the game and there’s no foolin’ him.

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