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Paul Walker’s Infectious Personality Recalled a Year After Death (photos)

Paul Walker, one of the star's of the Fast & Furious movie franchise was remembered today, on the anniversary of his death (Photo: Michelle Rodriguez/Twiiter)

Paul Walker, one of the star’s of the Fast & Furious movie franchise was remembered today, on the anniversary of his death (Photo: Michelle Rodriguez/Twiiter)

Paul Walker is best known for his role in the “Fast & Furious” franchise. But those who knew him beyond the big screen recalled his infectious personality on the anniversary of his death in a sudden, catastrophic car crash a year ago today (Nov. 30).

Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend and fellow car enthusiast Roger Rodas.

The 610-horsepower supercar veered out of control and struck a light pole and several trees before bursting into flames. Walker and Rodas were kill almost instantly.

Walker was in the middle of shooting the latest “Fast & Furious” film when the accident happened. The production company put together an emotional two-minute tribute to the actor following his death.

“Dude, I almost had you,” a smiling Walker says to his co-star Vin Diesel in the clip’s opening scene. (See Below) Vin’s character Dominic and Walker’s, Brian O’Connor, had just finished a race that marked the beginning of their friendship.

The scene was characteristic of the camaraderie among the cast and crew. P. Diddy’s and Skylar Grey’s song “Coming Home,” plays in the background.

Today, Diesel remembered Walker by posting a photo of the star with his young daughter. Diesel wrote on his facebook page:

“He was a part of so much in my life… long personal talks with my mother or babysitting the Alpha Angel… he took a certain pride in being uncle Pablo… after all, we were filming a scene in FF4 the day she was born, and he being the only one I told, encouraged me to go in and cut the umbilical cord. He was an important part of my transition into fatherhood… that healthy family member, with the most positive outlook on life…”

Scenes in the video are all culled from the “Fast & Furious” films. They feature Walker in several iconic poses highlighting his rugged good looks and charismatic smile.

Mourners Pay Tribute to Paul Walker
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The cast’s strong relationships are captured in one scene where Dominic addresses his band of lovable anti-heroes. “The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room, right here, right now,” he says. “Salud mi familia.”

Co-star Michelle Rodriguez wrote on Twitter: “I love you Paul. Your living in the hearts of all who love you for sure. Sending mad love out to Heaven @SupportROWW.”

She was referring to Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW). The latest film, “Fast & Furious 7” hits theaters in April.

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