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Maddie Ziegler Dances Wildly in SNL Debut, But No Shia LaBeouf (watch!)

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Maddie Ziegler performed her controversial dance to Sia's song 'Elastic Heart' on Saturday Night Live, without Shia LaBeouf.

Maddie Ziegler performed her controversial dance to Sia’s song ‘Elastic Heart’ on Saturday Night Live, without Shia LaBeouf.

Maddie Ziegler debuted on “Saturday Night Live” last night and performed her controversial dance to Sia’s song “Elastic Heart,” wearing the same nude-colored leotard from Sia’s video. But this time she danced with a girl, not actor Shia LaBeouf.

Maddie who is 12 and best known for her role on Bravo’s “Dance Moms,” caused an uproar when she danced with LaBeouf in Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video.

Meet Maddie Ziegler: From Tiny Tot to Nation’s First Pre-Teen Sex Symbol

She wore a nude-colored leotard, while LaBeouf wore the same color briefs. Their dance simulated a cage fight and included moments of passionate embracing as well as wild dancing.

While the dance clearly fell within the guise of artistic expression, it was widely criticized, nonetheless, for suggesting pedophilia. Critics also said the pre-teen was over-sexualized.

Maddie is a standout on “Dance Moms,” which also has been widely criticized for over-sexualizing pre-teens.

Sia Responds to Debate Over ‘Elastic Heart’ Video: Art? Or, Kiddie Porn?

Last night, Sia, this week’s musical guest, performed her song while Maddie recreated her dance with another similarly dressed, slightly older, girl.

The Australian singer stood sideways with a visor over her face as she sang. Following the uproar over her video, she released a statement apologizing to those who were offended. She also said she never intended the video to suggest pedophilia.

Sia also performed her other hit song, “Chandelier.” Oddly, in her video for the song, Maddie is similarly dressed and also dances wildly in a sparsely furnished apartment. But she performed solo.

The video barely caused a ripple.

Check out Maddie’s dance and Sia’s performance below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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